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Planview Customer Success Center

PPM Pro and ProjectPlace FAQs

Q. Can I sync a PPM Pro project to both ProjectPlace and AgilePlace (provided I have integrations set up with both tools)?

A. At this time, a PPM Pro project can be synced with EITHER ProjectPlace OR AgilePlace. Syncing a PPM Pro project with both ProjectPlace and AgilePlace is not supported at this time

Q. Will information from the PPM Pro project Staffing screen sync to ProjectPlace?

A. Yes, any resource staffed to the project will be added to the Members tab of the associated workspace. If the resource does not have an account, they will receive an email invitation to create one. See Project Staffing and Workpace Members.

Q. If I add resources to the PPM Pro Staffing page after the initial sync, will they be added to the Members tab too?

A. Yes, any time you add a resource to the Staffing page they will be synced in real time.

Q. Do tasks have to use a special category to be included in the integration?

A. No, tasks do not need anything special.

Q. Does task closeout have to occur in PPM Pro?

A. If you mark an activity as Done in ProjectPlace, the PP Complete Date in the corresponding task in PPM Pro is set to the date the activity was set to Done. Conversely, when a task in PPM Pro is set to an Implied Status = Closed, the task's PP Complete Date will be set.