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Determining Field Values: Order of Precedence

The self-service administration feature offers a lot of flexibility at the field level for supplying defaults, offering or preventing visibility, and varying field usage by category. Since one field can be used in different way on different categories, it is useful to understand the order in which the system evaluates field values. The order of precedence is as follows:

  1. Mapped fields from the Request.
  2. Values provided in the selected Template Project.
  3. Default values configured in self-service administration:

a)      SSA default value from Field Restrictions (if any) that best-matches the current user defaults (as long as field is defined for the selected Category).

For example: FieldA is added to Details. FieldA has two Field Restrictions: one for "Admin PMO Team", the other for "Project Team". If the current user is on the Admin PMO Team, the default value (if non-blank) from the first Field Restriction will be used. If the user is not on the Admin PMO Team, but is on the Project Team, the default value from the second Field Restriction will be used. If the current user is on both the Admin PMO Team AND the Project Team, the first will be used.

b)      Category-specific default values defined on Details; then additional pages (for example Finances, Additional Details, Settings).

c)      Default values defined for the field at the Available Fields level (again, field must appear on one of the pages (Details, Additional Details, Settings).

  1. Status List/Lookup List default values.