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PPM Pro Q&As from October 16 2019 Release Webinar

Questions Answers
 "Can we run both the new and old reporting/dashboard modules at the same time, in production?" Yes, you can eventually build/run the legacy reports and the new reports for a significant period of time (similar to how you could use legacy and new requests). Note that for the first beta (targeted for November 2019), you can use the new reports only in sandboxes.
With the Gates, you can send a request back to a prior gate but how do I send it back to the originator for updates? If I reject it, it basically kills the request (closes without being edited). There is no specific action for sending a request back to the requester. Instead, we suggest (as did Mark Newman - thank you Mark) that you place the request On Hold and contact the requester. Once the additional information has been added, you/requester  can place the request back In Progress.
A customer suggested creating an initial gate for the requester, but mentioned the challenge with creating an initial gate for the requester is that request user types can't be part of the request workflow. Can this be changed?" Request user types cannot be request approvers. This is a free license that has limited functionality. Maybe look into Stakeholder licenses, which while limited, do allow request approval. 
Does the change for project owner with a template also carry through to Projectplace workspace creation? Yes, if the owner of the project is the project creator/current user, then the owner of the Projectplace workspace will also be the project owner/current user.  Projectplace always uses the project owner as the workspace owner.
In regards to the domain name change...will the change occur after business hours? The domain change will happen after business hours. Typically, we try to perform maintenance is during non-business hours (like 12am-3am).
We score our request criteria using a "0,1,3,5,& 9" score. The Request report will show total scores of REQUEST but not individual scores. Will individual criteria scores be available in reports soon? This will be available with the new reporting with new reporting because you will be able to drill down through any relationships that are defined in the app. 
Any limitations as to what type of fields can be used in Gate Skipping logic? No, there are no limitations on the types of fields that can be used in Gate Skipping logic.
Hi Jennifer, we read in the release notes about viewing text in presentation mode. What is "presentation mode"? We asked, because we tried looking up "presentation mode" in online help, but did not find anything. FYI. Presentation mode is a user preference that is useful if you are giving a presentation/demo and projecting the monitor. The displayed text is bolded and a few other visual cues are enhanced so viewers can see the screen better. I will update the doc to make sure the topic that describes this comes up in the search.
What was the date was the new domain is going live and to confirm it is going to, correct? Going live October 18, confirmed.
Will non-admin users be able to skip gates? Non-admin users will not be able to configure gate skipping. 
If a request goes through all gates (A, B, C, D). If in Gate D the approver needs to return back to Gate B. Is it possible to do this and skip Gate C? Using gate skipping, an approver can send the request back to gate B, but cannot then skip gate C because the logic still dictates the sequence of A, B, C, D. The approval can't change the logic.
When you set up gate skipping, you are just changing the approval process for that category. Will this affect all requests that have been submitted in that category or are you able to select which requests the skipping would apply? Gate skipping is per category, so all requests in a category would use the same logic.
If the NEW button is removed, how will people submit Admin type expenses? You can create an Admin Expenses category in your project-level Financial Entries and submit actual expenses there.
With the Expenses, will this change eliminate the need for Expense Approver on the Resource record. Yes, you will no longer need an Expense Approver on the resource record.
Is the new reports available in the sandbox? New report will be available in sandboxes in the November 2019 release.
Will the existing reports be ported over to the new report module or will we need to re-create all our current reports in the new report module. Existing reports will not be ported over. The new reports are so different (and much easier to create), and no longer require report sources - there was really no way to migrate the existing reports into the new paradigm.
I just got confused. Domain name change will be effective Friday morning or end of day? Domain change effective Friday end of day.
Will dependent drop downs be a part of this release? Dependent field logic is not part of this release - it is targetted for second half of 2020.
Can gates be skipped based on the value of User Defined (list) fields? Yes, gates can be skipped based on the value of a UDF (list).
What happened to the ability to assign a request to an owner when moving to the next gate. There is no longer an explicit function to assign request to owner. Since approvals are determined by approval logic (or specific hard-coded values), there is no need to "take ownership" to approve a request. Susan, I'll follow up with you to see what your use case is.
It would be nice to have text field (to justify individual scores) as part of the scoring I mis-spoke during the webinar - we can't add a text field because scoring is not "SSA-enabled", meaning that it can't be customized. Eventually we'll get there, but we can't do that today.
I'm sorry I missed it, when will this be released and is it available now in the sandbox? The new requests are currently available in sandboxes (including sandboxes). You can ask to have it enabled in production by entering a customer care case. In the November release, the new requests will be available in production automatically..
When will the instructions for the request gates be available The instructions can be found here:
When will the request gate grouping feature be released and is it available now in the sandbox? I assume you are talking about gate skipping - available now in sandboxes.
Can anyone modify a score in the project category? Or can only the person who scored due so still? Only the person who scored the project can modify their score.