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PPM Pro Q&As from the April 15 2020 Release


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Can you use a variable like 'Today' as a start date for a Gantt bar? The Gantt report does not currently support this - we have captured as an enhancement.

Is there a way to set the date format in the task list (i.e. start date) to not show the time.  So dd/mm/yyyy, not dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm

Could you show the time to be shown in the details, but specify the shorter format just for the Grid display?

We are currently evaluation an enhancement for the display of task dates without the time, and will also look into the feasibility of having different formats on the grid vs on the task Details. Currently, based on dev feedback, our assumption is that the timeless format would only be for fields on a grid, and not in Details.
How are you indicating a project is agile or not (for your filter)? The filter Sherrill was using was defined as "projects with "Agile" in the title. You can also create and "Agile" category and organize your project by category.
On the Gantt, can you get the labels to overlay the bars or will it always be on the side? Currently the bars are only on the side. Sherrill showed the wireframes for a future feature (task timeline) where the labels are on the bar.
Can you show what the combo list/Gantt looks like after is is exported or printed? Exporting to Excel is not yet supported - coming soon!

When we add a Gantt chart to a report/dashboard, our project managers are looking for a way to edit the size of it. 

What are the options for editing the size of a Gantt chart on a report or dashboard?  

When it comes to the Gantt Chart, are there going to be any features that will allow us to change the size of it

Is there a way to resize Gantt charts to display better in Dashboards? We have several people trying to print them and it's painful

Dashboards are coming later this year, and will be completely different than legacy dashboards when it comes to sizing reports. We look forward to hearing your feedback once it's released.
Does PPM Pro Integrate with PowerBI ? or we still need to create listreport and access the odata in PowerBI? You will need to use legacy list reports and dashboard to access PowerBI via Odata. Once Reports (Beta) is GA, we will start looking at a new way to identify fields for OData extraction.

Regarding Gantt charts, will there be a way to change the quarters (Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4)?  Our fiscal year starts in July thus my customers won't use the Gantt chart because January displays as Q1 (for us it's Q3).  I've already submitted the enhancement request, just wondering if this is being considered/expected?

Following up, maybe a way to hide the quarters on the Gantt chart?  That could get us by in the meantime

We will capture an enhancement request.
Is there an updated rough timeframe for when dashboards might become available in beta? No target date yet, hoping for Q3?
Do you have any plans to allow us to copy a field from one task to another? i want to copy resources into many tasks, but it's not an option in bulk edit. so my only option is to copy full tasks. We do not currently have plans to do this, but will enter an ER for you.
Will legacy reports and the corresponding connections to Dashboards be lost in the transition to the new reporting when it goes into production Yes, you will need to rebuild your reports and dashboards with the new reporting module. The change between legacy and new reports is so vast, there was no way to migrate from legacy to new.
Sorry if I missed this as I joined late, but in legacy reports, when will the High level task timeline and Milestone/Phases be available for use? No target date yet. We hope to do it soon after Reports (Beta) GA.
In some of our Gantt charts, we use a calculated field for our end date on the 2nd bar. It's either the completed date or today's date. This is instead of a progress indicator. Any date field, including UDF and calculated, is available for the Bar date.
Where do we find the new reporting tools? and is there a list of the differences on the website?

The new Reports (beta) is available in all sandboxes. In addition, you can enable Reports (Beta) in production - please enter a support case and ask them to enable. Note that in either environment you'll have to give a user permission to at least view reports, or a specific report, in order to see the top-level navigation icon. Also note that if an entity category includes the legacy Reports section, it will also include a section for Reports (beta), regardless for whether the top-level Reports (Beta) icon is visible.

See this topic in the CSC for a description of the differences between legacy reports and new:

Can you drop the decimals from the % complete? We will capture an enhancement request
Can I put milestones on the Gantt bars? For a Task Gantt, any Task marked is "Is Milestone" will display as Diamond in the report. 
Do you suggest doing capacity and demand type reports in Reports Beta or continue to do it through Capacity and Demand under Resource? Currently, keep using the Resource Capacity & Demand facility. Once we start supporting time-series reports, we hope to handle capacity & demand within regular reporting - a goal, not a commitment.
Is there a way to set the "Report Label" for fields on reports. Example: "Start Date" always presents as "Start"on all reports? We will capture an enhancement request.
Is it possible to move a task from one project to another?  I know you can copy but we're looking to have the Task ID stay the same. It is not currently possible to move a task to a different project and retain the ID. This might be handled with Iterative Work Management feature later this year, and in mean time would it suffice to copy the task to a new project and delete the original? We will capture an ER.
When will the new features be released? Sorry, I joined a bit late. If you are referring to Reports (Beta), we are in a rolling beta, and each month we hope to release some additional feature.
Does PPM Pro integrate with MS Teams ? We should be able to integrate with anything that has an open API. Contact your Account Executive and ask to speak with Integration Services if you'd like to find out more.
Although we have selected EST for time zone for our instance but in the reports etc. it displays in PST. How to correct this situation? Please enter a support case and they will help you out.
Any update on the providing the capability to export reports/dashboards to Power Point? Yes we are targeting the ability to export reports to PowerPoint for the May release.
What is the target for retiring legacy reports and Dashboards? We will not deprecate legacy reports for quite some time,  as we want to give our customers lots of time to transition. Also, we will still require legacy reports for using OData. We will give ample warning when we starting thinking about deprecating, but it will not be any time soon.