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PPM Pro Q&As from January 13 2021 Release Webinar

Question Answer
When we will be able to report from financials? It is killing us! We are currently working on planning reports, which includes resource planning, financial planning, and ultimately financial summary (you can report on non-contoured data already). No target date at this point. It will be available before Financial Summary is GA.
Several inquiries about when dependent field logic will be available. Still on the roadmap for 2021 - our next roadmap is in Feb 2021, registration link available soon.
Some confusion about how negative financial entries are distinguished visually. You enter the forecast or actuals value with a minus sign and the system converts to using parenthesis. You can also enter the parenthesis directly.
When is the LeanKit integration release planned for?  Do you have an estimated release date?  I cannot commend the team enough for the vision.  This all is leading up to a solid solution once completely integrated. We are currently working on the LeanKit phase 2 integration. This will likely be a rolling beta, with functionality introduced over time. We hope to start rolling out by the end of Q1/early Q2.
WIth IWM tasks, if I remove all three (start/target dates and duration), how does it impact % Complete? If you avoid using the Timesheet Actuals method you should be ok (that method uses schedules, which are not part of IWM tasks). And, if you use the Duration method, make sure you are using the Duration field with your tasks.
Will there be a future enhancement when the cards in ProjectPlace will sync with Tasks in PPM Pro Yes! This is targeted for later this year. We'll be reviewing the design in our User Experience inner circle later this year.
Will there be webinars regarding the new Planview acquisitions and what will be integrated or changed because of it? We are not sure what is being planned (acquisition just happened yesterday!). However, if you have specific concerns, please don't hesitate to contact your account manager, or reach out to Sherrill ( or Jennifer (
Is there a plan to add a year-to-date filter? It's in our enhancement queue.
Are there any plans to create portfolio overview dashboards? There are no plans - it is not obvious how to fit an overview section for portfolios, as they do not have the sections on the left side of the view. If this is of interest to you, please enter an enhancement request that includes a brief description of your use case.
When will cumulative gate time be available, and when will dashboard publishing functional?

That is on our list of things to do as we finish up Reports (beta) - don't have a target date.

We hope to start rolling beta of published dashboards in the next month or two.

When will Reports (Beta) and Dashboard (Beta) be GA? Hopefully within Q2, no target date yet.
YTD - is that calendar or can we set out fiscal within the administrative screens? Calendar. No way to set fiscal year, but it is in our enhancement list.
Will we be able to register for future month release webinars all at once for 2021 like last year?

Yes you can register for the first 6 right now at this link:


How do I add overview to projects?

Please check out this following help topic and contact Jennifer if you have any questions: