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Planview Customer Success Center

Project FAQs

How do I change a project's calendar?

Users with permission to edit a project can change or modify the project calendar by choosing Actions > Edit Calendar on the project's Setting section. See Changing a base calendar.

How do I create a project from a template and prevent allocations appearing on the Staffing screen?

When you create a project from a template, if you copy over the template project's tasks that have role estimates, the role estimates generate the allocations in the Staffing screen. If you want the tasks without the estimates/allocations, you can use the Copy Tasks function after you create the project (don't copy the tasks from the template). Copy Tasks gives you the option of including or not including the estimates.

When I create a project from a template, why are my tasks not respecting the schedule from date in the template?

See Schedule From Date and Task Dates.

Can I populate a project from a template after I create the project?

Yes. After you create the project, select it and choose Actions > Populate from Template. See Populating an existing project from a template.

I keep getting an error when creating a project from a template - what is wrong?

It is likely the template you are using is invalid because the Project Owner in the template is not active or is terminated. You can resolve this by editing the template you are using to create project and changing the Project Owner/Manager to an Active Full user.

How can I configure PPM Pro to ignore staffing allocations after the project is closed?

Harvey Balls (in the project Staffing Find Resource dialog) will automatically ignore staffed allocations for projects that have a status of Implied Closed. So if you are assigning resources using the Find Resource modal, the Harvey Balls/little progress graphics that show availability DO ignore staffing to Implied Closed projects. Also, when you run a Capacity/Demand report or use the Cap/Dem UI, if you use a filter that only shows projects with a Status of Implied Open and Implied Proposed, those Implied Closed project staffing allocations will be ignored in the reports/UI. 

How many years does PPM Pro allow projects to span?

Projects can span across a maximum of 20 years from today() - today's date. This means that a project could span more than 20 years as long as it does not go into 20 years from today() - today's date. Duration can't exceed 7,300 days. A message showing that it can't span more than 20 years will display if this scenario happens. 


Can I import XML-based task plans?

Starting with the June 2022 release, PPM Pro will accept XML file imports for task plans. To make a round trip, you must export XML, open in MSP, save as XML, and re-import as XML.  See Importing and Updating Entity Data and Importing/exporting tasks.

How are task dates computed when creating a project from a template?

PPM Pro computes the difference between the Schedule From date on the template and the Schedule From date on the new project (which is manually entered, defaulting to today) then adjust all tasks and allocations by that offset. For example you could have a task that starts one month into the project.  It will still start one month into the new project based on the schedule from date. See Schedule From Date and Task Dates.