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Synchronizing criteria that are tied to lookup lists

Values from attributes only default to the user's criteria score. Changing the attribute value will not be propagated to any scores. This means there is potential for an attribute to change after scores already exist. Then, some user scores will use the old value and some will use the new value. Users will manually make updates to their scores if they want to use the new value.

If a Scoring Profile uses any criteria that default to project attribute values, and those project attribute values have changed since the project was scored, a user with Admin privileges can synchronize the project attributes to the scores. If you choose to synchronize at the scoring profile level, all scores on projects using that scoring profile will be updated with the current project attribute values.

You can also synchronize scores at the project level; this option will only be available to people who can edit the project. Additionally, users with permission to edit a project can synchronize the scores at the project level. Note that if the PMO lock is on, only people on the PMO team will get the option to synchronize the project attributes to scores. If you synchronize at the project level, only that project's scores are synchronized.

To synchronize at the scoring profile level (syncing here updates all projects that use this scoring profile):

  1. Navigate to Admin/Setup/Scoring/Scoring Profile/Info.
  2. Choose Menu > Synchronize User Scores with Project Default Field.

To synchronize at the project level (syncing here updates this project only):

  1. Navigate to your project's Scoring tab.
  2. Choose Menu > Synchronize Score Values to Project Attributes.