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Planview Customer Success Center

Administering Managed Staffing

There is some PPM Pro configuration necessary before you can use the managed staffing feature. Once the system is set up, project and resource managers can request and staff without interruption. Your PPM Pro administrator will need to do the following:

  1. Create organization hierarchy/units
  2. Configure staffing permission profiles
  3. (Optional) Specify designated staffers (resource managers who receive staffing requests for specific roles)
  4. (Optional) Configure staffing routing (or use defaults)

Timesheet Settings

PPM Pro timesheet filters allow for a great deal of flexibility when entering time, including automatically creating allocations in certain situations. If your organization is using managed staffing, then you want all your allocations to go through your staffing organization - in other words, you do not want allocations created automatically. To ensure this happens, you should use the Fully-Qualified timesheet filters, which specify that a resource have a valid allocation with dates intersecting the timesheet period before time can be entered.

You configure the timesheet rules in Admin/Organization/Timesheet Settings.