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PPM Pro Q&As from March 16 2022 Release Webinar

Question Answer
When will the March 2022 release be available in our environments? The March 2022 release was released to Sandbox environments on March 11th. It was released to Production environments on Friday, March 18th.
For the Gantt Phases and Milestones, is this an enhancement of the Gantt that is currently available within a project, or a is this a new feature? This is an enhancement to the existing Gantt, both in the project grid user interface and in project Gantt reports.
Is there a way to adjust the font size on the portfolio hierarchy view?  For complex portfolios it looks difficult to see the overall visual and read the portfolio names possible on the screen. You have the ability to zoom in but unfortunately there is no ability to adjust the font separate from the zoom capability.
When the new Financial Summary permissions are made available, will we need to manually enable them for each permission type or will they all be disabled. If your permission profile included the Edit Financial Summary permission, the 3 new fields will automatically be selected/enabled for the permission profile as well with the March 18th release.
Is there a way to make the dependencies show when you save the report to excel? No, because the Gantt does not export to Excel. You can include  Predecessor and/or Successor dependency list fields and they will export to Excel with the report or from the user interface grid.
Will these report examples be available in the cookbook? The cross-project dependencies and conditional background field colors for numeric fields will be in the online help/Customer Success Center. We will either update an existing cookbook recipe to show these and/or will be happy to add a recipe…please email or if you have a specific recipe in mind you'd like us to add!
Will instructions for the project Gantt phases be available in help? I couldn't find it earlier and I may have missed a step when I set it up on my end. The project Gantt report settings options for phases and milestones is already in both the Formatting Gantt Reports help topic and the Using the Project Gantt Chart help topic. Please keep in mind that for the Summary task phases to show up on either of these, you will need to configure the "Task Phase" lookup list and add/update the "Task Phase" available field to your summary task categories. 
Is there a way to adjust font size minimums in reports.  The more columns that are selected the smaller the font size. No, there is no way to specify a minimum font size, just a specific font size for certain report types and data.
Referring to Task Gantt UI, will there be away to sort the Gantt in ascending order by target date...not project grouping? Meaning, 1st line could be from project A and the next line could refer to a task in Project B. Think of a Gantt representing 5 projects...if I sort by Target date it sorts but still groups by project, not by the order of task completion. Project A tasks are sorted by target date and the project B is sorted by target date...not strictly viewing task target date. You should be able to select Target Date as a sort field, so long as you have included it in your Gantt list fields for the report, especially if you use a Task topic (and include Project title from the Task available fields). Please try this out and contact Customer Care/submit a Support Case if you still have questions.
Great presentation! Can you kindly review the milestones and phases in Gantt feature? Please see our March release recording when it is available, or even better, see the February release recording where we demoed this completely and is already available.
Is there an estimate of when the high-level timeline view for a project will be released into the project? We were told Q4 2021 then told it slide to Q1 2022. This would be a view Clarizen had and is similar to MS Project. The Task Timeline roadmap feature was released some time ago and is already available. Please see the November 2021 Release webinar recording where we demoed it.
We often create one report and add it to a dashboard more than once and change the filters within the reports on the dashboard to display different data.  When doing this we are not able to use a different "color by" on the reports on the dashboard it always defaults to how it is saved on the report itself.  Will this be an option in the future so that we don't have to make multiple reports of the same thing? You can submit a Customer Care Case asking for this enhancement, but it is non-trivial so without a lot of customers asking for it, might not get added. The workaround and best approach is to copy the report and change the "color by" settings for each, adding each to the dashboard.
Can you share the calculated field details for Color Start Date column in the project grid Yessica is demo'ing. This is in our Calculated Fields Cookbook, recipe 20 "Display a colored field value based on another field's value, such as coloring a Project's Start Date based on Implied Status". This can be used in both the grid and reports.
If I want to change a task start or end date,  is there away to see how this change will affect the other tasks dates before saving? Unfortunately not, you will need to make the changes to see the impacts because of the various scheduling logic that comes into play. But in case it helps, if you want to take a quick snapshot of your Tasks grid (so that you don't have to refer back to History for each task individually), you can create a Task report and add it to a dashboard, and publish it so that you can refer back after you've made changes. You can also export the Task grid to Excel as a reference (probably simpler approach!).
Does the task phase automatically get assigned to the child tasks or did you have to enter that manually? Child tasks (each task) have to be updated separately. However, you can take advantage of Bulk Edit or the Task Spreadsheet Editor to quickly change values. You do not need to update child task phases to take advantage of the Project Gantt with Summary Task Phases feature, but it might be helpful to update all tasks if you want to Color By in the Task grid or reports.
There is a field called Work Effort that cascades the information down to the child tasks but I couldn't get that to work for Task Phase. Work Effort is likely a field that has been relabeled; certain standard fields like Capitalized do have the children inheriting from the parent. But Task Phase is not one of these fields.