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PPM Pro Q3 2020 Roadmap Q&As

Questions Answers
When will Leankit be added to the Planview ID? Not sure. Need to balance PVID work with LeanKit integration, which involve both development teams. If you have a preference please let us know, but we don't have an answer at this time.
If we have different instances of PPM Pro. Will a user in Instance 1 be able to have full user in access two? The same user cannot have access to two difference PPM Pro instances. You need to have a user in each instance. Contact Jon High (, he is the product manager and can give you more information.
will task completion information be synced back to ppm pro and leankit? to show percent complete or total completion with a date? For the project level and per our User Experience inner circle feedback, we are looking into provide project % complete based on the number of tasks/cards completed or number of points. More to come when this feature is ready for development.
When you remove the last legacy permission groups, will that reset users to have no group? No. We will do a migration, standard group membership will become a permission profile - users will not lose access and they will still remain in those groups (though the group membership will no longer provide permissions). You'll see additional permission profiles, might need to do some cleanup. 
Really like the Archived Projects feature. Where will an archived project live? They will live in our database. The data exists, just not visible nor accessible from within PPM Pro while archived.
Do you have an update on the exporting to excel for multi-select fields? This is currently available.
Hi - The Planview ID - does this help us track users in terms of license usage to quickly remove licenses that are not being used etc? No, license tracking still happens within each product. Contact Jon High (, he is the product manager and can give you more information. Within PPM Pro, you can view both "Licenses" and "Usage" of those licenses within Admin > Organization > Info.
Will Planview ID include centralized management of Resources in addition to Users? It's for users only. In the future we plan to blend users and resources in PPM Pro, more to come on that with Resource SSA.
For the Project Archiving, will we be able to generate report from that data if someone wants to see historical data/info? Once projects are archived they are not available - not for viewing, not for reporting on. If you need to report on archived projects, you'll need to first restore them; or, a better option might be not to archive them and instead use a project Status or a UDF as a filter mechanism to keep the projects in the system but filter them out of your projects grid, reports, or dashboards.
Will there be any timeframe limitations to restoring archived projects or can we restore indefinitely? Indefinitely, until our dev team tells us differently. We'll know more once they pick up this feature.
Let me re-write that - Are there any details with being able to edit the None Gate in regards to customization.  It feels like a very locked gate especially if we make a mistake and approve something into the None Gate

There was a lengthy discussion about the purpose of the None lane. 

None is a swim lane - not a gate - holds anything that doesn't fall into a lane on the right hand side. For example, if you are grouping by Current Gate, and the request is not at a gate, it will be in the None lane.

If you group by Size (a UDF list) and the request doesn't have a size, then it will appear in None. We could have called it Misc, or NA, but since it depends on the group by field, we can't make it editable.

We do have an enhancement request to subdivide the lane to show additional sub-grouping. Waiting to hear from development about how large the change is. Submit in the Spigit challenge if you are interested, please, as we'd bet ice cream it is feature-sized.

When we get to Resource SSA can we include update of resource role on resource record to cascade to time sheets and staffing allocations? Please enter in the Spigit challenge. Probably a big ask, not currently in requirements for Resource SSA.
Sometime we make a mistake to approving after it is in the approved gate - and it puts it in the none gate and then we cant move them or change them

This really doesn't have to do with the None lane, but rather when you approve a request by mistake (this shows up in the None lane because it is approved). Suggest that you make a copy of the request, this creates a new request with all the prior data and any section info you select, which you can send through the workflow again.

Another archived projects question - will a list (report) or setting exist that shows all the project names that have been archived? I'm asking bc I will probably forget which projects have been archived. You'll be able to choose a Restore option that will present a list of archived projects. From the Restore window (and without having to actually restore any projects) you will probably be able to print or export the list, or at least take a screenshot of it. Otherwise, there will be no access within the UI to archived projects, not even a list of titles. 
one off ?  -  Is there a way to sort the card view in requests? Not yet. Please enter an enhancement request/Support Case.
Is there any plans to allow printing/exporting to excel for some admin areas without building a report... for example: Roles Please enter an enhancement request/Support Case, not in our requirements at this point. There is an enhancement to make the printing experience more consistent in general, but if we can add your enhancement requests to it, the WSJF (Weighted Shortest Job First) measure will increase a bit and help it move up in our prioritized queue.
Sometimes we have to report more than the normal amount of fields (beyond the legal page length) in a list report. Is it possible to break the fields in two rows for future list report enhancement or increase the columns from 4  to 20 in multi column report display?

Not sure if you're asking about legacy or new reports. We are not enhancing legacy, so we'll assume new reports.

In the Known Issues page, there is a Capabilities Still to Come list, which shows the multi-column report. Feel free to add your additional idea about splitting the column into 2 lines in an enhancement request/Support Case.