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Navigating Around the Timesheet

A quick digression here to give you a few tips about navigating the timesheet.

  • As mentioned earlier, you can create new entries by clicking Add Entry, or using  Alt+N on your keyboard for Windows or Option+N for Macs

  • You can tab between the different entry options and user your keyboard to make or enter selections.

  • You can begin typing in a field and auto-suggest matches will appear, or, you can click the ellipsis “…” button to search/browse for the relevant info

  • If there is only one value, for example one role or one task, it should be selected by default

  • There is a “Save” button when creating or editing the details for a row entry, which you can invoke with the Enter or Return key. Changes to hours in the Daily Contours pane on the right hand side are saved/applied automatically.

  • If you are showing the Daily Contours pane, use the tab key to move horizontally between days, and use the up/down arrows to move up or down.

Now back to your timesheet.

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