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Reports Cookbook

The purpose of this topic is to provide an example set of reports and steps to configure them (recipes), so that you can get a feel for the possible and also backwards engineer various report types and topics. Note that while many of these reports reference a project or portfolio or other entity, they can often be modified for other entity levels. If you have any questions about any of the following or other reporting needs not addressed here, are looking for a specific recipe that has not yet been included, or have a recipe you would like to share, please contact

Report Recipes

# Type Sample Visualization Report
1 Pie: Basic cost by role.png Allocated Cost by Role - See the total allocated cost for each role
2 Bar: Basic alloc hr by proj.png Allocated Hours by Projects - See all allocated hours across a set of projects
3 Bar: Basic app by dbms.png Applications by DBMS - Shows the number of applications broken out by database management system
4 List: Time Series Cap Dem Project-Role-Resource.png Capacity and Demand: Project-Role-Resource - Shows a capacity and demand report with levels of project, role, and resource, for allocated hours/FTE (demand, staffed, unstaffed) and scheduled hours/FTE (demand, staffed, unstaffed)
5 List: Time Series Cap dem resource-project-role.png Capacity and Demand: Resource-Project-Role - Shows a capacity and demand report with levels of resource, project, and role, for capacity, event, allocated, and scheduled hours/FTE
6 List: Time Series Cap Dem Role-Project.png Capacity and Demand: Role-Project - Shows a capacity and demand report with levels of role and project, for capacity, event, allocated (demand, staffed, unstaffed) hours/FTE, scheduled (demand, staffed, unstaffed) hours/FTE, and remaining HTC
7 Line Fin Entries by Category.png Financial Entries by Category - Compare forecasts to actuals by category across projects
8 List: Time Series Fin Sum report.png Financial Summary Full Structure - Displays project financial summary structures with budgets, forecasts, and actuals over time, for entire financial summary hierarchy/all levels
9 List: Time Series top-level fin suum.png Financial Summary Top-Level Structure - Displays project financial summary top-level fields only, with budgets, forecasts, and actuals over time
10 List: Basic Group Membership.png Group Membership - Show all groups and their members, including resources, other groups, and units
11 List: Basic work intake pipeline.png Intake Pipeline - Shows a list of requests with key status information
12 Bubble Requests Value vs Risk.png Intake Request Risk vs. Value - Shows overall requests score breakdown by Risk and Value
13 List: Basic Create Project Permission Profiles.png Permission Profiles allowing Create Project - Shows which permission profiles grant the ability to create projects (what profiles have what permissions)
14 Column: Basic Planned vs Actuals.png Planned vs. Actuals - Compare planned versus actuals data across a set of projects
15 Combination: Area, Column, Line Portfolio Budget and Projects.png Portfolio Budget and Projects - Shows budget broken out by portfolio, overlaid with the number of projects per portfolio
16 List: Time Series Portfolio Costs Over Time.png Portfolio Costs Over Time - Compares allocated, scheduled, and actual costs over time for portfolios' projects
17 List: Basic port proj status.png Portfolio Project Status - See a portfolio of projects with key status information
18 Gantt Roadmap.png Portfolio Roadmap - View the roadmap of a portfolio's projects by start and target date, including key project details
19 Gauge percent complete.png Project % Complete - Shows a project's % complete
20 Gauge act vs est hours.png Project Actuals vs. Estimated Hours - View the progress of actual hours to estimated hours
21 List: Basic Project Financial Entries.png Project Financial Entries - Shows all of a project's financial entries, hierarchically by forecast with actuals
22 Spiderweb Fin by Biz Obj.png Project Financials by Business Objective - Get a visual picture of various financial costs and revenue given a specific project property, for all projects in a portfolio
23 Donut donut_projlogs_cat.png Project Logs - See how many different project logs or issues exist for a project or set of projects
24 List: Stacked Project Overview Stacked List.png Project Overview - A simple project overview containing key information in a stacked display format
25 List: Basic project permissions report.png Project Permissions - Shows who has what permissions on projects (who has what permissions on an entity)
26 Spiderweb spiderweb scoring criteria.png Project Scores by Scoring Category - Shows individual scoring category scores for a project or projects
27 List: Basic Project scores with details.png Project Scores with Details - Shows not only overall project score, but also scoring criteria selections by scorer
28 Heatmap Heatmap.png Projects by Type and Business Objective -  View a heatmap distribution of projects given two attributes, such as Type and Business Objective
29 Column: Stacked Projects by Category with Priority Stacks.png Projects by Category with Priority Stacks - Show the total number of projects by Category (or some other factor such as Business Objective, Department, and so on), where each column stack consists of counts per priority
30 Crosstab Resource Average Days per Request Action.png Resource Average Days per Request Action - Per resource, see the total number of days requests spend before the person took a specific action, the overall average days for all actions for a resource, and overall average days for all resources per action
31 Crosstab Resource Average Days Per Gate.png Resource Average Days at Request Gate - Per resource, see the total number of days requests spend at each workflow gate before the person took action, the overall average days at gates for a resource, and overall average days for all resources per gate
32 List: Basic resource permissions.png Resource Permissions - Shows what permissions a resource has on one or more entities
33 List: Basic res role and alloc.png Resource Roles and Allocations - See all of your resource role and other details as well as project allocations
34 List: Time Series Bottom half resource workbench.png Resource Workbench Allocations aka Bottom Half of Home/Resources View - Displays resource allocations on projects, mimicking the bottom half of Home/Resources view (also known as the Resource Workbench). This report is a great drill-down report from the Resource Workbench Utilization report (which mimics the top half of the Home/Resources view).
35 List: Time Series Top half resource workbench.png Resource Workbench Utilization aka Top Half of Home/Resources View - Displays resource utilization, *almost* mimicking the top half of Home/Resources view (also known as the Resource Workbench). *Almost* because the Resource Workbench automatically filters out Implied Closed projects, whereas this report will display allocation percents based on all projects. So if you have resources allocated to one or more closed projects for the time period displayed, the values will not exactly match what is in the Resource Workbench top half of the grid.
36 Combination: Area, Column, Line Resources - Alloc vs Cap.png Resources - Allocated vs Capacity Hours Time Series - Compare allocated hours versus capacity hours for your resources for a given time period
37 Crosstab Request Average Days at Gates.png Request Average Days at Gates - Per request, see the total number of days it spent at each workflow gate and the overall average days at gates and overall average days for all requests per gate
38 List: Basic Request Gate Actions.png Request Gate Actions - Show the actions taken at each gate in its workflow including the date, actor, action, and days before action was taken
39 Combination: Area, Column, Line Role - Alloc vs Cap Hrs.png Role - Allocated vs Capacity Hours Time Series - Compare allocated hours versus capacity hours for your roles for a given time period
40 Area: Basic fin compare.png Simple Project Financials Comparison - Compare simple financial measures across a set of projects
41 Line Screen Shot 2020-06-09 at 11.27.32 AM.png Simple Project Time Series - View financial or other field values over a date range for a set of projects, such as Total Actual Cost of Work by Completion Date
42 Tile


Tiles - 2.png

Tiles - Shows one or more numeric aggregated values for a portfolio, project, task, or other entity 
43 Crosstab Timesheet Entry.png Timesheet Entries by Project-Task-Resource - Shows timesheet entries for projects, tasks, or resources
44 Column: Stacked Total Cost of Ownership.png Total Cost of Ownership - View total costs broken out by their discrete categories
45 Crosstab Labor and Non-Labor.png Total Forecasts and Actuals - Shows a crosstab of project total costs from Financial Entries Forecasts and Actuals along with Staffing Forecasts and Timesheet Actuals, broken out by project priority and summarized by project category
46 List: Basic Unit hierarchy.png Unit Hierarchy - Shows the organizational unit hierarchy with unit manager and membership details
47 List: Basic User Login Info.png User Login Information - Shows various user information, including the last time users actually logged in