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Setting the Frequency of Resource Planning Reports

Resource Planning reports require additional filter information about Frequency. In this situation, the Set Filters dialog will display Frequency and Date Range fields. Note that Organization level reports will not have a Target drop-down list.

When entering date ranges, the following Frequency intervals are provided. Note that the date you enter is used to establish the start of the selected Frequency "unit". For example, if you select a Monthly frequency, but enter a date range of 11/29-11/30, you will get results for the whole month of November. If you choose a Weekly frequency and a range beginning on Wednesday 11/7 through 12/31, you will get results starting on Monday 11/5.

Frequency Date Range Limits
Daily Less than 60 days apart
Weekly Less than 54 weeks apart. If you use the "is after today" or "is before today" tokens, the report is limited to 52 weeks.
Monthly Less than 36 months apart
Quarterly Less that 12 quarters

For example, imagine you want to see all resource capacity and demand broken out by week for the first quarter of 2011. You would set the frequency to Weekly and the Date Range to “is between” with the dates of 01/01/2011 and 03/31/2011, as shown in the screenshot below.


After you set the frequency, optionally select a filter, as described in About Runtime filters, and click Run.