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New Features and Release Notes

New Feature Matrix and Release Notes Highlights Links to Webinar Registration/Recordings
April 2021


  • Tile report type
  • Auto-size report height in dashboard to fit content
  • All Projects in Portfolio Hierarchy field path
  • Export to Excel
  • Gantt print to PDF
  • Member report topic and field path


  • Edit Content Options/View Content List
  • Publishing schedule expiration notification
  • Published URL display text
  • View references & additional grid columns
  • Export to Excel
Register: PPM Pro April 14th Release Webinar

March 2021


  • Dashboard publishing, including access to previously published versions
  • New report types
  • Additional data formats for Pie, Donut charts
  • Ability to merge multiple row (list reports)
  • New home for calculated fields
  • Deprecation of IE11 support

PPM Pro March 17 Release Webinar

Register: New International Inner Circle specifically for our global customers who miss out on our monthly webinars due to time zone differences.

February 2021


  • Additional PMI metrics for Financial Summary (ETC, EAC, NPV, ROI) 
  • Drilldown links can open target in new tab or floating window
  • Ability to wrap column header text for List reports

PPM Pro February 17 Release Webinar

Register: Q1 Roadmap Presentation (Feb 24)

January 2021


  • Stacked list reports
  • Ability to enter negative amounts for forecasts and actuals
  • Authentication token for WS API users

PPM Pro January 2021 Release Webinar

Register: Q1 Roadmap Presentation (Feb 24)

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