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New Features and Release Notes

New Feature Matrix and Release Notes Highlights Link to Webinar Recording
June 2019
  • Multiple gate approvers for requests
  • TLS 1.1 end of life
  • 2 new fields for reporting on forecasts and actuals at the task level
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May 2019
  • Multi-currency feature generally available (GA)!
  • Improved field mapping for new requests
  • PPM-Pro-LeanKit Integration Phase 1 (Limited Beta)

Recording: May 15 Product Release Webinar

Recording: May 29 Q2 Roadmap Presentation

April 2019 
  • Ability to associate/create entities after a request has been approved
  • Introduction of in-application content
Recording: April 17 Product Release Webinar
March 2019
  • Multi-currency data import, rollups, and reporting
  • Copy request categories includes gates

Recording: March 13 Product Release webinar

Recording: March 27 Agile Management using PPM Pro and LeanKit

February 2019

Update 1

Update 2

Update 3

Support for multiple currencies! (Beta)

Recording: February 13 Product Release Webinar 

Recording: February 19 PPM Pro Roadmap Webinar

January 2019
  • Spreadsheet-style task editor is generally available (GA)
  • Request sequential gates, single approvers, and notifications
  • Improved session timeout behavior

Live Webinar Recording - January 16


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