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Cutover to DNS Subdomains

In the December 15 release, Innotas will be implementing DNS subdomains for all customers. This means that instead of seeing in your URL field, you will see, where "mycompany" will be the assigned DNS subdomain associated with your customer instance.

This cutover should be benign, and there is no action required on your part (if you have custom integrations, eventually you will need to update them to use instead of Below is a set of FAQs that we hope address any concerns or questions.

Why are you doing this?

Using DNS subdomains will allow us to balance our system resources more effectively and provide a higher level of service, without disruption to users.  It will also provide a more robust login experience to customers using single-sign on (SSO) when logging in with email links, bookmarks, and so forth.  Subdomains are in use by many cloud providers, including Cisco WebEx, OneLogin, Atlassian, etc.

Will end users have to do anything differently?

No, but you might want to.  Users will still be able to log in through  Existing email links and published dashboard links will continue to work as before. However, we recommend that users start logging in using their subdomain (e.g. rather than ) as of December 15.

What will I see differently?

  • When you log in to Innotas, your browser will display your subdomain (e.g. instead of a server name (e.g.
  • When you get email alerts, they will use your subdomain
  • When you publish new dashboards, they will use your subdomain

When will this take effect?

SSO customers are already using subdomains. All other customers can begin using their subdomain, effective December 15.

How do I know my subdomain?

You'll see it in the URL bar in your browser beginning December 15.

Can I change my subdomain?

Yes, provided it is not already in use and is during the early stages of the rollout.  Please file a support ticket via email ( or - and include your preferred domain name.

Are there impacts to APIs / integrations?

You will need to update your integrations to use instead of

I have a question or concern which is not in this list.

Please file a request through support ( or ask in the forum in Customer Success Center and we'll be happy to help you.