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Role - Allocated vs Capacity Hours Time Series

This report shows you role allocated hours as columns and capacity hours as a line over a time range.

Role - Alloc vs Cap Hrs.png

Design View Selection Comments

Topic: Role

Specialty: Time Series

Type: Combination: Area, Column, Line

Title: <enter a meaningful title>


Other report Types that work well include Area: Basic, Bar: Basic, Column: Basic, and Line.

If the selected data fields do not overlap, then the Area: Stacked; Bar: Stacked; Column: Stacked; and Combination: Stacked Area, Stacked Column, Line may also be of interest.


Bottom Axis: Date (Time Series)

Left Axis - Column: Allocation Hours (Allocated Roles - Time Series), or, Allocation FTE (Allocated Roles - Time Series)

Left Axis - Line: Capacity Hours (Resources - Time Series), or, Capacity FTE (Resources - Time Series)



Set desired Display options, such as:

Data - Data values: Show

Variable Settings

Set desired Time Series options, such as:

Frequency: Monthly

Date Range: Is this year

Provide relevant filters, for example if you only want to see roles for certain types or for a specific unit. If you want to allow the user to change to a different Filter before running the report or when viewing the report, select the relevant checkboxes for Allow changing.