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2022 Release Notes Archive

New Feature Matrix and Release Notes Highlights Links to Webinar Registration/Recordings
December 2022
  • Sandbox releases will happen on December 8th, 2022
  • January 2023 PPV2 GA
No Release Meeting December 2022
November 2022
  • New reporting fields for Project: Status Comments

November 16th PPM Pro Release Webinar

October 2022
  • Card View Secondary Group By 

October 19th PPM Pro Release Webinar

September 2022
  • PPM Pro - Projectplace Integration V2 Beta
    • PPMPro-Projectplace V2 integration will allow for either PPM Pro or Projectplace to take ownership of the Plan and WBS in a Project/Workspace. 

September 15th PPM Pro Release Webinar

August 2022

Coming Soon!

  • PPM Pro - Projectplace Integration V2

August 10th PPM Pro Release Webinar

July 2022
  • KPI Trend Reports (Part 1)
    • Support for Line, Bar, Column, and List Trend Series
    • Color configuration to highlight value changes in List: Trend Series

July 13th PPM Pro Release Webinar

June 2022
  • Card Views for Projects, Project Logs, and Tasks - Beta
  • Weekly frequency on Resource Workbench Utilization
  • Project MSP/XML Import
  • Report Cookbook Recipes now available for upload from "Upload Report Definition" option

June 15th PPM Pro Release Webinar

May 2022
  • The display tab in the report designer has a new option to Apply project % to include that appears when a numeric portfolio field is added to the report.
  • In reports, users can select how filtering on two or more entities will return results.
  • Special Announcement: In order to ease the ongoing transition to our new Reports, we have decided not to deprecate Legacy Reports. Instead, we are ending ongoing support for Legacy Reports. 

May 18th PPM Pro Release Webinar

April 2022
  • Timesheet entries are now a standard entity for calculated fields and can be used in new reports.
  • List, Crosstab, and Gantt reports, and Dashboard can be exported to PowerPoint.
  • Users can download a report definition, which can then be uploaded into a different PPM Pro instance, creating a new copy of the report.

April 13th PPM Pro Release Webinar

March 2022
  • Phases and milestones for project Gantt chart (GA)
  • Financial Summary (Beta) two additional NPV fields and granular edit values permissions
  • Improved portfolio chart view
  • Cross-project dependency indicators on task Gantt UI and reports

March 16th PPM Pro Release Webinar

February 2022
  • Phases and milestones for the project Gantt chart (Beta)
  • Variance at Completion field
  • Decoupling of organization and project level permissions for the Financial Summary (this feature will be available after the February 25 update)

February 16th PPM Pro Release Webinar

Q1 PPM Pro Roadmap Webinar

January 2022
  • Calculated fields from Financial Summary total fields
  • Financial Summary column configuration

January 19th PPM Pro Release Webinar (with December 2021 release recap)

2021 Release Notes Archive