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Card View Setup

The Card view is a "kanban" board that allows users to move cards from lane to lane, and generally provides a visual workflow that some users prefer. The lane content is determined by the end user's selections for the Group By field and the Show field.

  • The Group By field is populated with any single-selection lookup lists that are available to be displayed on the grid (fields must be in the Grid Columns Default/Other list).
  • The Show field lets users select the list values (from the selected Group By field) to display as lanes.



This feature is generally available for the following entities:

  • Projects
  • Project Logs/Issues
  • Tasks
  • Requests


Enable or Disable Card View 

Card View can be enabled or disabled by your administrator.

To enable or disable Card View:

  1. Navigate to Admin > Setup > All Entities.
  2. Select an entity on the right.
  3. Select Cards from the left navigation
  4. Check or uncheck the box next to Use Card View.

Checking the box enables Card View for the entity and unchecking it disables Card View.

The Cards page also allows you to configure the card layout. You can configure different layouts for different categories of entities.

To configure the card layout:

  1. In the Cards page, select a category.
  2. Move a field from the list on the left to the Selected Card Fields column. You can use the arrow buttons, click and drag, or double-click a field to move it.
  3. Add additional fields as needed. Cards can display a maximum of eight fields. Title is a required field and is already added by default.
  4. If necessary, click on a field to adjust its formatting. The following formatting options are available:
    • Show Field Label
    • Show Value in Bold
    • Show as Italic
    • Padding after this Field

As you configure the card, you can view a preview of what the card will look like on the page.

When the end user double-clicks on a card, the card is opened and all of the fields that are configured for the entity appear.

Any restrictions you configured on the Available Fields page will apply to those fields on the Cards page. You can override the restrictions or change them per category on the Details page.