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Winter is Coming - Protect the Wall! Migrate (Your Project Permissions) to Safety!

Hello Community (and Game of Thrones) friends!

If you haven't gotten the memo, we need all customers to migrate to profile-based permissions by the end of October. You've already been "soaking" in profile-based permissions for portfolios, dashboards, reports, assets, and filters for over a year.

Perhaps you're thinking "what's in it for me?" Here are a few benefits:

  • the ability to grant project permissions to groups and units, which allows you to set up permissions once and simply onboard new resources into the correct unit/group to provision permissions
  • the bulk Add Team Member feature, which allows you to set up and fine-tune permissions for existing projects
  • row-level report security, which opens up more report sources to users, while protecting project data in accordance with permissions 
  • the ability to use templates to distribute permissions along category or department lines
  • no longer a requirement to associate a project with a department
  • the opportunity to use unit/project associations to grant permissions to projects based on the type of relationship (association)
  • more granular control when you want it - for example, grant permissions to view/edit specific sections of a project
  • small organizations can easily open up permissions to everyone
  • support for upcoming new features, such as additional methods for calculating % complete and new license options
  • and the biggie: legacy model being retired

We have provided a migration script that should give you complete parity with your current permissions. This means that after you perform the migration, you are not required to do anything else. You might want to revise some of the default profiles to align with some best practices, but that can be done at a later time. We also have a Project Permissions Cookbook in progress, which is a living document that will grow with feedback from you.

We're wondering if there are any particular roadblocks in making this happen for your organization? (I know where you can get some dragon glass if there are white walkers in your way.) But seriously, please post any questions as comments to this article. If you have already migrated and have any suggestions/lessons learned, please share them here. Also, if you have questions but don't want to share publicly, feel free to email me at:

Winter is coming, let's shore up the wall with some profile-based permissions!