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PPM Pro QAs from August Release Webinar

Question Answer
Is there an update on Alerts 2.0? Work on the infrastructure for Alerts 2.0 has already started and will be going on through the rest of the quarter. Once the backend is in place, PPM Pro UI and trigger logic development will commence. 
Can you tell us the plan for adding reporting options that allow transfer of legacy available reporting to the new reports? We recommend starting off with our Report Recipes and identifying if there is anything that you don't have from there. This will be easier than re-creating legcy reports one by one. For more information on transitioning please visit:
I might have missed this, is there any update on the dependent field logic and new ODATA connection? Dependent field logic and Odata are both still items on the roadmap. We have not started development on these features but will have an update on our Q3 2022 Roadmap session on August 31st
Is there any news regarding adding the Monthly Timesheet Summary to R2D2? We are targeting to have this available by the end of the year.
Will the v2 integration time entry allow us to have our users record time directly on their card and roll it up to our PPM tasks? The MVP of the V2 integration will not have ability to rollup time from PP to PPM Pro.