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Configuring Organization-Wide Settings

Note: Must be user with administrative privileges to edit this page.

Admin/Organization/Info is where you set organization-wide properties, such as the default time zone, the target capacity hours/week, and whether to display labels below the navigation icons.

Click the Edit button and modify as appropriate. The following table describes the fields.



Basic Information

Organization Name

The name of the organization.

Web Site

The organization's web site URL.

Primary Administrator

Select the name of the primary PPM Pro administrator from the list of users with administrative privileges. The user who is the primary administrator cannot be inactivated, and is required so that you don't inadvertently inactivate all users with administrative privileges and essentially lock yourself out of the system. 

Time and Expense Period

Set by Planview.

Target Billable Hrs/Week

Default is 40.

Target Capacity/Week

Default is 40.

Strict XSS Protection

Controls whether or not to use the OWASP HTML Sanitizer for XSS defense. For organizations that require formal acknowledgement of XSS protection intent, please enable this setting. If you need to be able to implement non-compliant features, such as embedded rich HTML, you have the option of disabling this feature.

Default is Disabled. Choose "Apply Basic HTML Sanitation" to turn on basic sanitation.

Enforce IP Restrictions on Published Dashboards

(Only available if the "IP Restrictions" feature is enabled. Enter a support case at if you wish to turn the feature on.)

Enable this setting if you wish to restrict dashboard access to users whose IP addresses are entered individually or within the range defined on the Admin/IP Ranges page. This will turn on the IP Restriction property in the Publish Options dialog  AND will remove the setting from the modal (so that the setting cannot be turned off inadvertently). (Also appears in the Manage Publishing (Beta) modal and is shown read only when enabled.)

Password Expiration Time

Default is 0, which means passwords do not expire. When set to a positive number, users will be forced to change their password when the password last changed date is more than this number of days in the past.

This check is applied at log-in time when a user logs in using a username and password (it does not apply when logging in with SSO). The password last changed date will automatically update when users change their password, but can also be manually set to any date by an administrator.

Inactivity Timeout

Sets the maximum time a user's session can be inactive before they need to be re-authenticated. If blank or set to 0, this will be 540 minutes (9 hours). Otherwise, integer values represent minutes; 30 = 30 minutes.

For customers using SSO, this setting determines when PPM Pro will redirect to the SAML Identity Provider (IDP). If the user still has a session active with the IDP, this redirection could be transparent to the user. Depending on the IDP configuration, the user may or may not be prompted to re-authenticate.

Last Modified Date


Display navigation labels as text by default

Specifies the default display mode for the navigation: text labels or icons. The default is Yes, for text labels, which means that any users added to the system will see the navigation labels by default. Change to "No" to display the labels as icons. This setting can be overridden by individual users in the User Preferences/Display dialog under the resource menu in the navigation header. See Navigation Toolbar for more information.

Note that once an individual user customizes their environment (for example, chooses a setting other than the default), further changes to the global setting will NOT affect the user's local display. If the individual user NEVER customizes their local display, then their display will always reflect the global preference, even if the global preference changes.

Address & Phone


Select an office from the droplist. The office selection may include address and phone information, in which case the information will be displayed when you select the office. You cannot enter address information separately. Contact your PPM Pro administrator if you need to update your office information.

Localization Settings -These global settings can be overridden at the user level. See Setting User Preferences.


Specifies the country for your organization. This is set by Planview.

Default Locale Specifies to the locale to use by default when creating new users. A user can change the setting by on the Preferences menu.

Default Time Zone

Specifies the default time zone for your organization.


Specifies the default currency format to use for your organization. This is set by Planview.


The Licenses section lists the maximum number of licenses for each user type your organization has purchased, as well as the number of those licenses currently in use. See User Types/Permissions for an explanation of how licenses correspond to user types.