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About Staffing Permissions

Note: Staffing permissions apply to organizations using the Managed Resource Staffing feature. Once this feature is enabled (enter a support case at to request more information or activation), users with PPM Pro administrative privileges can configure staffing permissions.

Please read About Profile-Based Permissions and Working with Permission Profiles - that information applies to staffing permissions.

Staffing permissions are the set of operations that can be applied to the Resource entity. The PPM Pro managed staffing feature supports the following permissions:

  • View Availability - allows users to view resource availability in the Resource Workbench

  • Propose - allows users to propose resources to fulfill demand from their pool of resources

  • Staff Directly - allows users to fulfill demand from their pool of resources

  • Process Requests - allows users to act on a staffing request by fulfilling demand, partially fulfilling demand, or declining the request

As described in About Profile-Based Permissions, you configure a permission profile with one or more permission rules. A permission rule determines who is granted permission. If you are using Centralized Staffing, you'll have additional rule types:

  • Unit Manager - Applies only to resource-related permissions. Unit Manager rules gives each unit manager permissions on the resources in the manager's unit. PPM Pro provides a default Organization Hierarchy Managers profile that grants staffing permissions to all unit managers.

  • Special Access - Special Access rules give unit staffing permissions to users who are not members of the unit. Similar to Team rules, you supply a profile when adding a user, group, or unit to a special access list.

Staffing Permission Scenarios

You can create global permission profiles that grant staffing permissions for all resources to a user or group of users. For example, you might have a Chief Staffing Officer who gets permission to process staffing requests for all resources.

However, you can also establish more granular staffing scenarios, for example, you have a group of five staffing personnel and you want each person to have responsibility for staffing one unit.

See Creating Staffing Permission Profiles.