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Granting Administrative Privileges

You can grant a user administrative privileges at the time you create the user, or you can edit the user/resource record at a later time. A user with these privileges has access to all functionality under the Admin tab.

Note: Admin users do NOT implicitly get permissions to view/modify entities such as projects, tasks, issues, and so on. The admin user must be granted permission to act on an entity, just like any other user.

Granting admin privileges when creating a user

The Create New User dialog has an Admin? setting. Select this checkbox when you create the user.

Granting admin privileges to existing user

If the user already exists, you can do one of the following:

  1. Navigate to Admin/Groups and select the Admin standard group.
  2. Click Add and select the user/group/unit to add the Admin group.
  3. Click Select.


  1. Navigate to the resource record and click the Groups link in the left nav.
  2. Add the Admin group.