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PPM Pro September 2020 Release: Q&A Transcript

Question Answer
Has PPM Pro considered adding an "audit trail" for when config changes are made by those with appropriate permissions? I'm not talking about static data changes. Or does this already exist but not available to customers? This would help troubleshoot who/when made changes to help prevent them in the future. We don't track admin changes currently. This is something we have been tracking in our feature backlog. Please vote for and consider it in our upcoming 2021 Customer Roadmap Spigit challenge!
Will PPM Pro be able to do a bulk project re-plan? Please enter an ER , thanks!
Is there plans for the cookbook to be more like a wiki listed on the site. Like a report portal you can browse and submit to

The cookbook is available on the CSC - both as a PDF and as topics. See

We don't currently have a way for customers to add to the recipes - instead please send to Jennifer ( or Sherrill ( and we will post them. Do please join the Bake Off to win a prize and everlasting glory!

Sorry if I missed it.... any news on calculated fields being their own entity? instead of inside reports legacy? Calculated fields are still on our list of capabilities that need to be addressed.
Roughly when do we anticipate beta reports going to GA? There is still a set of capabilities that we need to address before calling reports GA. Note that Reports (beta) is available for use in production.
Is or can there be a page explaining the reasons why a user may not be able to enter time (not able to select a project/task)? We just encountered an issue where multiple users couldn't enter time and it took some time to figure out all the possible reasons why someone couldn't enter time for a particular project. There are many reasons a user may or may not be able to enter time. Take a look at this help topic: Entering Time. If that doesn't help, please let us know what is missing or enter a Support Case so we can improve.
What was the time frame for alerts 2.0 Really can't narrow it down more than we plan to start dev work sometime in 2021.
I heard a comment made during Horizons about OData changes coming (probably in conjunction with R2D2). Can you elaborate? OData support currently requires legacy reports/dashboards. We will be addressing OData prior to deprecating legacy reports/dashboards, and hope to use a model of the field path selector in new reports. But in the future, OData field selection will be a separate function from reports and dashboards.
Is there documentation on the calc fields, like what is abs used for etc. Try Functions and Calculated Fields Cookbook.

With so much in beta, I would really like to see Reports go to GA so we can all start really using it, and iteratively add enhancements.

I already knew we could turn on beta features in Production. But we can not trust/rely on beta features in Production because it is in beta.

Before we deem a beta feature usable in production we huddle with our dev team to evaluate the quality of the feature and the likelihood that any subsequent updates to the feature would cause users to redo/throw away their work. Once that is determined, the designation of "beta" primarily refers to completeness: we won't label a feature GA unless it has all the features that comprise a minimum viable product (MVP). Ideally we provide more than the minimum :) There are still a few things that we feel are necessary - you can see the list of outstanding capabilities here; we have discussed in recent webinars that several of the features at the top of the list need to be compete before we GA reports. We'd really like to see it GA too!
Since alerts 2.0 is out a ways. Can MS Teams integration be used as a stop gap. We don't integrate directly with MS Teams. However, if you're interested, you can connect to Projectplace
and use the alerts from there as it connects to Slack and MS teams.
Sorry I was late to the call. Is publishing now available for dashboards beta? Publishing dashboards is not yet available in Dashboards (beta), coming soon.
If we turn on Beta reports - we can continue to use legacy at the same time, right? Yes, you can use legacy and new reports at the same time.
In a request, can I set up a gate skipping logic comparing a field vs another one? For example Gross Margin % > Fleet %. Gross margin is a calculated field. Fleet % is user defined. We tried this on the call and showed that calculated fields cannot be used in gate-skipping logic. But then later, it looks like they may be able to. We're following up with the customer who asked this, please ping us or Care if you have a similar question.