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Value Stream Management

Value stream management

Your flow maturity journey

  • Integrated

    Integrated landscape provides visibility and traceability into the end-to-end flow of work across your entire value stream

  • Visible

    The software toolchain is connected end-to-end, revealing visibility into progress and the flow of work across the entire value stream

  • Predictable

    Implement flow optimization practices to increase efficiency and make work predictable

  • Aligned

    Value stream work is aligned to strategic objectives and key results

  • Optimal

    Apply intelligent automations, scale and respond to new challenges

Start with the essentials

  • 3-Video.jpg

    Intro to VSM webinar

    Watch to learn more about key value stream management concepts.

    Learn more
  • 4-Articles-Documentation.jpg

    Flow methodology

    Deepen your understanding of the five progressive levels in the flow maturity journey.

    Learn more
  • 6-BestPractices.jpg

    Flow framework community

    Engage in discussion and share best practices, challenges, and innovative approaches.

    Learn more
  • 5-Guide-UseCase.jpg

    Role-based guidance

    For product owners, engineering managers, agile coaches, or scrum masters

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  • PAFCategory|Planning--**--PAFCategory|Delivery--**--PAF--**--PAFSolution|ValueStreamManagement--**--JourneyStage|Integrated--**--JourneyStage|Visible--**--JourneyStage|Predictable--**--JourneyStage|Aligned--**--JourneyStage|Optimal--**--Flow Methodology
    Achieve optimal flow and drive project to product transformation with the Planview Flow Methodology.
  • PAFCategory|Planning--**--PAFCategory|Delivery--**--PAF--**--PAFSolution|ValueStreamManagement--**--PAFProduct|Hub--**--JourneyStage|Integrated--**--Toolchain Integration
    Integrate your toolchain to track work flow between roles and tools.
  • PAFCategory|Planning--**--PAFCategory|Delivery--**--PAF--**--PAFSolution|ValueStreamManagement--**--PAFProduct|Viz--**--JourneyStage|Visible--**--JourneyStage|Predictable--**--JourneyStage|Aligned--**--JourneyStage|Optimal--**--Value Stream Analytics
    Track the health and performance of your product value streams by looking at value stream analytics.

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Explore your VSM capabilities and get guidance for achieving optimal flow. As organizations continuously improve to optimize their flow, they become better at delivering value and gaining customer feedback, resulting in an effective business transformation.

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