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Enterprise Agile Planning

Enterprise Agile Planning

To deliver the most value to customers in the shortest amount of time, organizations need a way to plan, visualize, and adapt their strategic and financial plans in response to customer and market demands. Planview’s Enterprise Agile Planning FastTrack solution provides a scalable enterprise-level Lean Portfolio Management, Agile Program Management, and Agile delivery platform that enables planning and value delivery from the strategic portfolio level to the agile team.


Planview’s Enterprise Agile Planning journey enables your organization to transform how you orchestrate, prioritize, and coordinate value from strategy to agile delivery. Business outcomes include:

  • Strategic alignment — Optimize throughput and effectiveness with the right people on the right teams working on the right priorities.
  • Lean budgeting and financials — Ensure delivery of the highest-value work first by funding value streams based on changing business priorities and outcome-driven indicators / KPIs.
  • Increase revenue — Accelerate time-to-market of new products and enhancements with shorter lead and cycle times.
  • Program visualization — Make better business decisions and create more predictable plans by using Kanban boards for work visualization and planning across teams and teams of teams.
  • Empower teams — Enable teams to organize and work how they want using customizable Kanban boards and integration capabilities with existing development tools.

Select a journey stage and find more resources

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Team Visibility empowers teams to use the tools best suited to their work while ensuring visibility into the portfolio. In this stage, you will connect disparate agile teams together to visually plan, manage and coordinate their work at a program level.

Aligned Autonomy enables teams to connect strategy to delivery and visualize the portfolio of work. In this stage, you will automate real-time status reporting to inform portfolio-level decision making and keep teams aligned to strategy using connected portfolio, program and team boards.

FAQs about the Planview Adoption Framework

  • What is the purpose of the Planview Adoption Framework?

    The Planview Adoption Framework is a focused series of customer journeys and associated guidance intended to lead our customers through adopting our best practice FastTrack solutions. FastTrack solutions are designed to support your organization’s strategy to delivery transformation and are based on our direct experience implementing our solutions for customers in a variety of markets and industries.

    Each FastTrack solution journey utilizes the Planview Capability Framework, our modular and highly configurable framework designed to deliver value to customers in the form of specific business outcomes. Within each capability, you’ll find a selection of business processes, best practices, product help, and other resources to guide you towards achieving those outcomes.

  • What is the Planview Capability Framework?

    The Planview Capability Framework describes the breadth, depth, and maturity of Planview’s solutions and the value they bring to our customers. It is a modular framework, with the capabilities themselves forming the foundational components of our solutions.

    Each capability has a distinct set of features and functionality, business processes, best practices, and analytics and reports that deliver value to customers in the form of specific business outcomes. Think of each capability as a building block; these blocks can be slotted together in different ways to build tailored, best practice solutions for each customer. Capabilities don’t have to be switched on all at once – the framework is deliberately modular, so that customers can continue to build and improve upon their solution in line with the ever-changing world of work.

  • Who should use the Planview Adoption Framework?

    The Planview Adoption Framework is designed for all those looking to effectively lead change within their organization. It also enables leaders to prepare their teams with self-guided training via our library of practitioner best practices and processes, so you can get more value from your implementation.

  • How do I get started?

    Each organization is at their own stage of transformation, so we have included a summary of each journey stage to help you identify where you should start- just click the "get help choosing a stage" link to get started.

    Planview Professional Services offers initial implementation and value optimization services for our software solutions. Our subject matter experts leverage the Planview Adoption Framework to help you to assess where your organization currently is, what areas you want to transform, and how to realize the benefit of leveraging Planview capabilities. For more information, see Planview Professional Services.

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