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Enterprise Agile Planning

Enterprise Agile Planning

Planview’s Enterprise Agile Planning solution provides organizations adopting lean and agile practices with a scalable framework to deliver maximum customer value by rapidly adapting to market demands. By utilizing leading indicators and implementing iterative, product-based planning, teams can continuously focus on driving the most impactful outcomes, creating visibility into work and collaboration across the entire organization.

Enterprise Agile Planning overview

Your Transformation Journey

Planview’s Enterprise Agile Planning journey guides organizations through the transformative process of adopting agile and lean methodologies to plan, visualize, and adapt their strategic and financial goals in response to customer and market demands. The journey is organized into four progressive stages; each stage has a distinct area of focus and is tied to specific capabilities and business outcomes. The transformation journey is unique for every organization depending on where they are and where they want to go. In the final stages of the journey, cross-functional teams autonomously manage work that is aligned to strategic initiatives, and the organization uses objectives and key results (OKRs), roadmaps, and scenario planning to realize outcomes and deliver the most value to customers in the shortest amount of time.

Team visibility is the first step in the agile transformation journey, empowering individuals across the organization to see at a glance what work is in the queue, what’s in progress, who’s working on it, and what’s been completed. This allows teams to focus on getting work done together and enables collaboration and communication across teams. Start here if you want to connect disparate teams to visually plan, manage, and coordinate work at the program level, while executing work in the way best suited for them at the team level.

Lean portfolio management prioritizes feedback, driving results that create value for customers while giving teams and individuals more ownership of their responsibilities. Organizations shift to product-based planning, set portfolio-level OKRs, and utilize leading indicators to inform decisions, while embracing lean budgeting, funding, and governance to quickly adapt to market demands. Start here if you’re ready to define strategic objectives, utilize roadmaps and scenario planning, and plan and fund around value streams or products and their underlying initiatives.

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