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Value Stream Funding

Value Stream Funding

The Value Stream Funding enablers include Value Stream Planning, Lean Budgeting, and Financial Targets. Each capability within the Planview Capability Framework has a distinct set of features and functionality, business processes, best practices, and analytics and reports that deliver value to customers in the form of specific business outcomes.

Processes and Reports

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Value stream funding provides a mechanism to define the value streams that will realize their strategic plan. This capability allows organizations to set financial targets in terms of projected benefits and revenue and provides a financial baseline for future investments.


Value Stream Planning Process Steps 


value stream planning.jpg
Value stream planning process flow


Process Step Description

Define organizational strategic goals and missions

The Strategy structure is used to manage the initiatives and epics that will deliver the strategic plan of the organization. Customers typically define the strategic structure based on the strategic objectives and goals of the organization.

Create value stream

Create a record of the new value stream entity in Planview Portfolios.

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Describe and categorize value stream

After creating a new value stream, complete any configuration-specific description and categorization attributes as determined by your organization's data and information needs.

Associate to relevant products

Create an association between the value stream and new or existing product or products.

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Lean Budgeting Process Step


Lean Budgeting.jpg
Lean budgeting process flow


Process Step Description

Create/manage value stream budget (ART/Team costs)

Create the value stream budget. The Financial Planning Detail screen inputs financial planning, budgeting, and forecasting data. Roll up financial data from work and strategy to outcome and product.


Financial Targets Process Steps


Financial Targets.jpg
Financial targets process flow


Process Step Description

Create/manage value stream financial targets (benefits/ revenue)

Capture the revenue targets and benefits of launching the value stream, against which actual costs can be compared later. All appropriate data should be populated in the financial planning detail screen for the value stream.

Baseline value stream financial plan

Following the input or roll up of financial planning budgeting and target data, a financial baseline for the financial plan should be taken to compare and track variances on the value stream financials through time.