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Capacity and Staff Planning

Capacity and Staff Planning

The Capacity and Staff Planning capability supports analyzing the pipeline of opportunities and incoming engagements to make appropriate staffing adjustments, so all projects will meet contractual obligations. Each capability within the Planview Capability Framework has a distinct set of features and functionality, business processes, best practices, and analytics and reports that deliver value to customers in the form of specific business outcomes.

Processes and Reports

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Capacity and staff planning enables professional services organizations to remain flexible and respond rapidly to changing demand. Organizations can use robust capacity and demand data to make staffing decisions based on the opportunity pipeline to maximize their capacity and throughput.


Capacity and Staff Planning Process Steps


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Capacity and staff planning process flow

Process Step Description
Adjust staffing levels by enabling groups

Assess the resource availability and capacity of user groups over time by resource group, job title, or user in the Capacity Planning view. You can assess your user group’s capacity and utilization as a whole or by individual members for deeper analysis. Capacity is represented as FTEs, working hours, or person days.

User groups are configured by the administrator and are available to one or more resource managers designated for those groups. For example, a user group configured for the North America West Region would exclude other regions.

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Monitor projects

Review the data visualizations in the Capacity Planning tab to monitor how your resources are distributed and utilized, both currently and over time. You can track active and requested projects, display resource capacity, and view resource utilization as a percentage of the total capacity.

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Adjust staff allocations based on demand

Adjust how your resources are distributed by reviewing open requests, remaining availability, and the total capacity of assigned and unassigned resources to determine where resources are needed most at a given time. In the Reports tab, you can view the Utilization report to compare estimated versus actual utilization by month and task.

You can view and use resources from other groups and subgroups if your current resources are fully utilized. If your resources don’t have the skills required for a project, you can filter and select resources by their skillset. Discuss resource requests with the project manager using the Discussions feature.

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Shift project dates and durations

If appropriate, you can shift your project’s start and end date to maximize resource capacity and adapt to changing plans. Staffing requests and project assignments shift relative to new start dates, so make sure to manually update these if needed. You can customize rules to automate resource shifting when you adjust start or end dates.

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Capacity and Staff Planning Reports

There are several standard resource load and utilization reports in the report library. These can be run with specific filters to see the appropriate resourcing information. See the Resource Utilization Report for more information.

Additional reports and dashboards can be created by the administrator and shared with the organization and appropriate team members.