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Product Portfolio Management

Product Portfolio Management

Planview’s Product Portfolio Management solution enables organizations to better align their product portfolios to their innovation strategy and ensures that the right resources are available to deliver the most innovative, profitable, differentiated products to market, on time and on budget.

Product Portfolio Management Overview

Your Maturity Journey

Planview’s Product Portfolio Management journey is a transformative guide for organizations who want to mature their practices around the management, prioritization, and continuous innovation of products in development. The maturity journey is organized into five progressive stages; each stage has a distinct area of focus and is tied to specific capabilities and business outcomes. Every customer journey is unique, depending on the current and desired level of maturity. In the final stages of the journey, organizations can ensure products in development maintain their release schedule and stay aligned to business strategy; organizations also gather input from customers, build product roadmaps, optimize their product portfolio, and manage the execution of bringing products to market.

Portfolio and project management is the foundation of product portfolio management. Organizations at this stage are often leveraging multiple tools to track work, so the focus here is on streamlining the prioritization and planning process. Start here if your goal is to simplify the analysis of products and projects against criteria such as technical viability, financial impact, resource capacity, complexity, risk, and commercialization success.

Innovation culture captures the voice of the customer by engaging with employees, customers, and partners to generate new ideas and products. In this final stage of the journey, organizations collaborate on the most innovative and profitable ideas, driving the best ideas to the top of the list, and discarding nonviable ideas early on. Start here if your goal is to foster a culture of collaboration and ideation to uncover innovative solutions to business and product challenges.

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