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Product Portfolio Management

Product Portfolio Management

To ensure products in development maintain their release schedule and stay aligned with business strategy, organizations need a way to gather input from customers, build product roadmaps, prioritize the best product portfolio, and manage the execution of bringing those products to market. Planview’s Product Portfolio Management solution provides scalable enterprise-level software that enables the management, prioritization, and continuous innovation of products in development.


Planview’s Product Portfolio Management solution enables organizations to better align their product portfolios to their innovation strategy, and ensure that the right resources are available to deliver the most innovative, profitable, differentiated products to market, on time and on budget. Business outcomes include:

  • Product lifecycle management — Deliver clear visibility into where a product is in the innovation lifecycle and delives the data you need to make smart trade-off decisions regarding which products to develop, enhance, or sunset.
  • Strategic Delivery — Streamline your prioritization and planning process, and simplify your analysis of products and projects against criteria such as technical viability, financial impact, resource capacity, complexity, risk, and commercialization success.
  • Reporting and analytics — Eliminate spreadsheets, manual processes, and inaccurate reporting with configurable process workflows and hundreds of out-of-the-box reports and KPIs.
  • Program visualization — Make better business decisions and create more predictable plans by using Kanban boards for work visualization and planning across teams and teams of teams.
  • Stage-gate automization — Accelerate your development projects and rapidly deliver the most innovative, profitable, and differentiated products while knowing the right people are making the right decisions on the right projects.
  • Innovation and idea management — Engage employees, customers, and partners to generate and collaborate on innovative ideas for new products and innovations. .

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The last stage of the journey, Innovation Culture, the voice of the customer is captured and organizations collaborate on the most innovative and profitable ideas, driving the best ideas to the top of the list and discarding non-viable ideas early on.