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Agile Team Delivery


Agile Team Delivery

The Agile Team Delivery capability’s enablers include Team Backlog Management, Team Execution, and Team Integration. Each capability within the Planview Capability Framework has a distinct set of features and functionality, business processes, best practices, and analytics and reports that deliver value to customers in the form of specific business outcomes.

Agile Team Delivery Processes

Agile Team Delivery empowers your team to execute on their plans according to their preferred methodology and processes by providing customizable Kanban boards and the ability to integrate multiple new and/or existing Agile team tools to integrate into LeanKit, including multiple iterations of the same tool. Your team can work how they want while seeing all planned and pre-planned work.  


Team Backlog Management Process Steps

Team Backlog Management provides Agile teams with the structure within which to manage their team backlog, allowing them to visualize, prioritize and plan work activities that align to strategic priorities. 


Team Backlog Mgmt Process FLow.jpg

Team backlog management process flow


Process Step Description
Create stories Break features down into discrete user stories for the team to work on.
Describe and categorize stories Clearly define a goal for each user story that team members can work toward.
Estimate story sizes Realistically assess the scope of the work that will be required to complete each user story.
Prioritize story backlog Rank the stories in the backlog to determine which stories should be worked on first. Use metrics in Card Scoring to determine what work should be prioritized.

For more information:

Card Scoring
Schedule stories into appropriate timebox (e.g., sprint) Spread story cards across the available timeboxes, such as sprints, to avoid overloading team members with work. Respect work in progress (WIP) limits.



Team Execution Process Steps

Team Execution supports Agile teams to deliver on their team plans; using Kanban boards that match their preferred work methodology and processes.


Team Execution Process Flow.jpg

Team execution process flow


Process Step Description
Assign stories to relevant team members Spread story assignments across the available team members based on available team members' abilities, workloads, and schedules.
Deliver stories Iterate on the work required to complete each user story.
Update card status As work is accomplished on each user story, assigned team members can update cards by moving  them toward review or completion.



Team Integration Process Steps

Team Integration supports the connection of one or more Agile team tools, as well as multiple federated instances of a given team tool, into LeanKit. This enables Agile teams to visualize, plan, coordinate, and deliver their work together, no matter where their work is tracked or how it's managed.


Team Integration Process Flow.jpg

Team integration process flow


Process Step Description
Deliver work using connected Agile tools    

Teams use their preferred agile team tools to complete work/user stories, with status information visible in LeanKit. This is supported by Planview's agile integration capabilities which allow organizations to connect one or more Agile team tools, as well as multiple federated instances of a given team tool, into LeanKit.

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 Agile Integrations 



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