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Billing and Revenue Tracking


Billing and Revenue Tracking

The Billing and Revenue Tracking capability supports monitoring financial data and leveraging this data to effectively bill customers. Each capability within the Planview Capability Framework has a distinct set of features and functionality, business processes, best practices, and analytics and reports that deliver value to customers in the form of specific business outcomes.


Processes and Reports

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Billing and revenue tracking supports leveraging the financial information captured in the Revenue and Cost Management capability by sending this data to an integrated ERP system for processing and invoicing. This final piece of the engagement allows for an automated, streamlined customer billing process.


Billing and Revenue Tracking Process Steps


AW - Billing and Revenue Tracking Process Flow.png

Billing and revenue tracking process flow

Process Step Description
Track anticipated revenue and billing

Monitor the projects actual cost and actual revenue to track the project’s overall profitability and simple revenue recognition. Project financial information can also be analyzed in greater detail by adding relevant financial fields into the Work Plan panel or by creating reports and constructing dashboards for more complex information such as billable utilization.

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Input billing information into ERP

Hand off defined financial data to a preconfigured and integrated ERP system. This system should then be used for revenue recognition and invoicing according to the procedures of your organization.

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iHub Integration Platform


Billing and Revenue Tracking Reports

There are several standard financial reports in the report library, including billing and revenue reports. These can be run with specific filters to see the appropriate financial information. See Financial Planning Report Examples  and Timephase Financial Data in Reports and Dashboards for more information.

Additional reports and dashboards can be created by the administrator and shared with the organization and appropriate team members.