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Planview® Innotas is now Planview® PPM Pro! Read the letter from Planview's Chief Product Officer and watch this video to learn more!
Planview Customer Success Center

Remote Advisory Service Overview

The Planview Remote Advisory Service (RAS) is a customer-driven offering that bridges the gap between Customer Care support activities and traditional on-site Planview Consulting engagements. By utilizing Planview Subject Matter Experts, you can get answers quickly without waiting for an on-site engagement or incurring the associated travel and living costs. With sessions being conducted via phone, WebEx, or email, RAS provides you with a cost-effective way to close product knowledge gaps, answer your questions and bring more value to your organization.  We provide Remote Advisory Services for both Planview EnterpriseTroux, and Innotas products.

Session time can be purchased in 8-hour blocks to be scheduled and used as you need it in increments as short as 15 minutes. Contact your organization’s authorized Planview Customer Success Center administrator to purchase RAS blocks using the Statement of Work forms below.

You do not currently have account privileges to access the Remote Advisory Service Request links. Please contact your Planview Administrator, or your Planview Customer Success Manager for assistance.