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Planview Capability Framework

  • PAFProduct|EnterpriseOne--**--PAFProduct|Clarizen--**--PAFProduct|LeanKit--**--PAFCategory|Strategy--**--PAFSolution|AgileProgramManagement--**--PAFSolution|EnterpriseAgilePlanning--**--PAFSolution|ProjectPortfolioManagement--**--PAFSolution|StrategicPortfolioManagement--**--PAFSolution|ProfessionalServicesAutomation--**--PAF--**--PAFSolution|ProductPortfolioManagement--**--Objectives and Key Results
    This capability provides organizations a framework to define, align around, execute, and measure progress toward key organizational goals by linking ​organizational and team goals to measurable outcomes in a hierarchical way.
  • PAFProduct|EnterpriseOne--**--PAFProduct|Clarizen--**--PAFProduct|Projectplace--**--PAFCategory|Planning--**--PAFSolution|ProjectPortfolioManagement--**--PAFSolution|StrategicPortfolioManagement--**--PAF--**--PAFSolution|ProductPortfolioManagement--**--Capacity Planning
    This capability provides the mechanism to set resource capacity targets which can be used to analyze capacity against demand, and assess the organization's ability to continue with existing investments or adopt new investments.
  • PAFProduct|Clarizen--**--PAFCategory|Delivery--**--PAFSolution|ProfessionalServicesAutomation--**--PAF--**--Professional Services Work Management
    This capability provides managers the ability to develop a services work plan, view and manage all work details, define and classify risks, issues, and change requests, and standardize delivery and project templates to create repeatable engagement success.
  • PAFProduct|EnterpriseOne--**--PAFProduct|LeanKit--**--PAFCategory|Delivery--**--PAFSolution|AgileProgramManagement--**--PAFSolution|EnterpriseAgilePlanning--**--PAFSolution|ProjectPortfolioManagement--**--PAFSolution|StrategicPortfolioManagement--**--PAFSolution|ProfessionalServicesAutomation--**--PAF--**--PAFSolution|ProductPortfolioManagement--**--Agile Team Delivery
    This capability empowers your team to execute work according to their preferred methodology and processes with customizable Kanban boards. Integration of agile team tools is supported so your team can work how they want while seeing all planned and pre-planned work.
  • PAFProduct|EnterpriseOne--**--PAFProduct|Clarizen--**--PAFProduct|Projectplace--**--PAFCategory|Delivery--**--PAFSolution|ProjectPortfolioManagement--**--PAFSolution|StrategicPortfolioManagement--**--PAF--**--PAFSolution|ProductPortfolioManagement--**--Resource Management
    This capability provides a single repository of resource availability information to an organization. Managers can track and manage assignments of named resources to forecast future demand. Time reporting information is also collected.
  • PAFProduct|EnterpriseOne--**--PAFCategory|Planning--**--PAFSolution|AgileProgramManagement--**--PAFSolution|EnterpriseAgilePlanning--**--PAF--**--Epic Portfolio Planning
    This capability supports the creation, initial planning, and lean business case development of new epics to deliver portfolio outcomes. It also supports the planning and management of financial information associated with an epic and epic portfolio backlog management.
  • PAFProduct|EnterpriseOne--**--PAFProduct|Clarizen--**--PAFCategory|Strategy--**--PAFSolution|StrategicPortfolioManagement--**--PAF--**--PAFSolution|ProductPortfolioManagement--**--Initiative Planning
    This capability provides the ability to define and manage your organization’s strategic missions and initiatives, assign ownership to elements of the strategic plan, estimate the cost and benefits of each strategic initiative, and perform variance reporting on benefit targets.
  • PAFProduct|EnterpriseOne--**--PAFProduct|Clarizen--**--PAFCategory|Strategy--**--PAFSolution|EnterpriseAgilePlanning--**--PAFSolution|ProjectPortfolioManagement--**--PAFSolution|StrategicPortfolioManagement--**--PAF--**--PAFSolution|ProductPortfolioManagement--**--Roadmapping
    This capability allows product managers, program managers, and business leaders to translate strategic ideas into a tangible timeline of business outcomes and deliverables​. Roadmaps are used to set direction and expectations and maintain clear communication throughout delivery.
  • PAFProduct|EnterpriseOne--**--PAFCategory|Planning--**--PAFSolution|ProjectPortfolioManagement--**--PAFSolution|StrategicPortfolioManagement--**--PAF--**--PAFSolution|ProductPortfolioManagement--**--Prioritization and Scenario Analysis
    This capability provides the ability to compare, assess, prioritize, and rank all your potential and existing investments before the approval of your overall portfolio plan. The creation and comparison of what-if scenarios is supported to inform investment decision-making.
  • PAFProduct|EnterpriseOne--**--PAFCategory|Planning--**--PAF--**--PAFSolution|ProductPortfolioManagement--**--Product Funding
    This capability supports the creation, planning, and approval of an organization's products, and the ability to set time-phased budgets and financial targets for each product. Current and potential investments can be analyzed against budgets and financial targets.
  • PAFProduct|EnterpriseOne--**--PAFCategory|Planning--**--PAF--**--PAFSolution|ProductPortfolioManagement--**--Product Portfolio and Pipeline Planning
    This capability supports a clearly defined process to initiate business requests, and creates a consistent intake process for new investments. It ensures the appropriate gated process is applied to projects, programs, and products.
  • PAFProduct|EnterpriseOne--**--PAFCategory|Planning--**--PAFSolution|StrategicPortfolioManagement--**--PAF--**--Strategic Funding
    This capability provides the mechanism to define and manage strategic initiatives and set time-phased budgets and financial targets that investments can be analyzed against. Budgets and financial targets can be adjusted based on changing priorities or desired outcomes.
  • PAFProduct|EnterpriseOne--**--PAFCategory|Planning--**--PAFSolution|EnterpriseAgilePlanning--**--PAF--**--Value Stream Funding
    This capability provides a mechanism to collect all potential and existing epics to carry out prioritization and assessment before approval of the overall portfolio plan. As part of this, planners can create and compare various what-if scenarios.
  • PAFProduct|LeanKit--**--PAFCategory|Delivery--**--PAFSolution|AgileProgramManagement--**--PAFSolution|EnterpriseAgilePlanning--**--PAF--**--Agile Program Management
    This capability supports team of teams program backlog management, quarterly planning, and program planning using Kanban boards. Teams can see backlogged and current work and coordinate organizational initiatives effectively and with clarity into the value delivered.
  • PAFProduct|EnterpriseOne--**--PAFProduct|Clarizen--**--PAFCategory|Delivery--**--PAFSolution|ProjectPortfolioManagement--**--PAFSolution|StrategicPortfolioManagement--**--PAF--**--PAFSolution|ProductPortfolioManagement--**--Financial Planning and Cost Management
    This capability supports the planning and management of all financial information connected to programs and projects, including the creation of high-level estimates, approved and baseline budgets, actual costs to date, forecasts to complete costs, and variance reporting.
  • PAFProduct|EnterpriseOne--**--PAFCategory|Delivery--**--PAFSolution|StrategicPortfolioManagement--**--PAF--**--PAFSolution|ProductPortfolioManagement--**--Program Management
    This capability supports the monitoring and management of program roadmap realization by tracking the status and health of programs. Data rolled up from dependent projects is used to update the roadmap, manage program delivery, and communicate with stakeholders.
  • PAFProduct|EnterpriseOne--**--PAFProduct|Clarizen--**--PAFProduct|Projectplace--**--PAFCategory|Delivery--**--PAFSolution|ProjectPortfolioManagement--**--PAFSolution|StrategicPortfolioManagement--**--PAF--**--PAFSolution|ProductPortfolioManagement--**--Work Management
    This capability provides managers the ability to develop a work plan, view and manage all work details, define and classify risks, issues, and change requests, track and manage project delivery, and provide reports on the overall status and health of projects.
  • PAFProduct|EnterpriseOne--**--PAFProduct|Clarizen--**--PAFCategory|Results--**--PAFSolution|EnterpriseAgilePlanning--**--PAFSolution|ProjectPortfolioManagement--**--PAFSolution|StrategicPortfolioManagement--**--PAF--**--PAFSolution|ProductPortfolioManagement--**--Outcome Realization
    This capability allows organizations to realize their strategic objectives by managing the costs, roadmaps, and delivery of their outcomes. Outcomes are defined as products, services, technologies, and applications—or any deliverable the organization creates, enhances, and supports.
  • PAFProduct|Spigit--**--PAFCategory|Strategy--**--PAFSolution|EnterpriseAgilePlanning--**--PAFSolution|ProjectPortfolioManagement--**--PAFSolution|StrategicPortfolioManagement--**--PAF--**--PAFSolution|ProductPortfolioManagement--**--Innovation
    This capability supports the generation, centralization, and evaluation of ideas from across an organization’s entire ecosystem to drive solutions for crowd-generated challenges and opportunities.
  • PAFProduct|EnterpriseOne--**--PAFCategory|Results--**--PAF--**--PAFSolution|ProductPortfolioManagement--**--Benefits realization
    This capability provides the ability to monitor and manage a product’s expected benefits, revenue, and overall achievement, enabling better decision-making on which products to enhance, sunset, or continue to support.
  • PAFProduct|EnterpriseOne--**--PAFProduct|LeanKit--**--PAFCategory|Planning--**--PAFSolution|EnterpriseAgilePlanning--**--PAF--**--Team of Teams Capacity Planning
    This capability provides the mechanism to set time-phased capacity budgets or targets, and sequence epics across defined timeboxes to align with team capacity. This provides a framework to analyze demand and make assessments on the ability to continue with or take on new epics.
  • PAFProduct|EnterpriseOne--**--PAFProduct|Clarizen--**--PAFProduct|Projectplace--**--PAFCategory|Delivery--**--PAFSolution|ProjectPortfolioManagement--**--PAFSolution|StrategicPortfolioManagement--**--PAFSolution|ProfessionalServicesAutomation--**--PAF--**--PAFSolution|ProductPortfolioManagement--**--Project Team Delivery
    This capability provides teams a collaborative, productivity-focused workspace with integrated Kanban boards and a centralized document management solution. Key project status and KPI information is sent to project managers and the portfolio for reporting and analysis.
  • PAFProduct|EnterpriseOne--**--PAFCategory|Planning--**--PAFSolution|EnterpriseAgilePlanning--**--PAF--**--Epic Prioritization and Scenario Analysis
    This capability provides the ability to collect all potential and existing epics, prioritize them based on an organization's desired outcomes, and compare the impact of trade-off decisions using various hypothetical scenarios before approving the overall portfolio plan.
  • PAFProduct|EnterpriseOne--**--PAFCategory|Planning--**--PAFSolution|StrategicPortfolioManagement--**--PAF--**--Program Portfolio Planning
    This capability allows for the creation and tracking of programs and related projects through planning, categorization, and review for approval on a continuous basis.
  • PAFProduct|EnterpriseOne--**--PAFProduct|Clarizen--**--PAFCategory|Planning--**--PAFSolution|ProjectPortfolioManagement--**--PAF--**--Organizational Funding
    This capability allows organizations to define and manage time-phased budgets or financial targets at the organizational level. Planned and in-flight investments can be analyzed against targets to assess the organization’s ability to take on new projects.
  • PAFCategory|Planning--**--PAFSolution|EnterpriseAgilePlanning--**--PAFSolution|ProjectPortfolioManagement--**--PAFSolution|StrategicPortfolioManagement--**--PAF--**--PAFSolution|ProductPortfolioManagement--**--PAFProduct|EnterpriseArchitecture--**--Enterprise Architecture Management
    This capability provides insight into your application and technology portfolios in order to understand and actively manage the applications and technologies that support your business, then enables alignment of those insights with your organization's strategic priorities and expected business outcomes.
  • PAFProduct|EnterpriseOne--**--PAFProduct|Clarizen--**--PAFProduct|Projectplace--**--PAFCategory|Planning--**--PAFSolution|ProjectPortfolioManagement--**--PAF--**--Project Portfolio Planning
    This capability supports the creation and tracking of projects through planning, categorization, and review for approval.
  • PAFCategory|Planning--**--PAFSolution|ProfessionalServicesAutomation--**--PAF--**--Opportunity Planning
    This capability supports the creation of new engagements out of opportunities by creating visibility into the pipeline, streamlining quotes and statements of work (SOWs), and accurately capturing billing agreements.
  • PAFCategory|Delivery--**--PAFSolution|ProfessionalServicesAutomation--**--PAF--**--Revenue and Cost Management
    This capability supports the continuous monitoring of costs and revenue associated professional services engagements, allowing project managers to track their margin against both the original budget estimate and current revenue forecast.
  • PAFCategory|Delivery--**--PAFSolution|ProfessionalServicesAutomation--**--PAF--**--Professional Services Resource Management
    This capability supports the viewing and managing of an entire resource pool, enabling the assignment of the right resources at the right time for more efficient and profitable project delivery across all engagements.
  • PAFCategory|Strategy--**--PAFSolution|ProfessionalServicesAutomation--**--PAF--**--Multiple Business Model Support
    This capability supports the alignment of professional services processes and structures to multiple business models including time and materials (T&M), fixed fee, subscriptions, and outcomes.
  • PAFCategory|Results--**--PAFSolution|ProfessionalServicesAutomation--**--PAF--**--Billing and Revenue Recognition
    This capability streamlines the billing process, allowing for flexible customer invoicing that supports different business models, while also ensuring real-time visibility into services revenue and flexibility for revenue recognition.
  • PAFCategory|Planning--**--PAFSolution|ProfessionalServicesAutomation--**--PAF--**--Services Portfolio Planning
    This capability enables effective planning for service organizations through revenue forecasting and a flexible staffing approach, so that the right resources are assigned to the right projects and delivery occurs on customer timelines.

Planview Capability Framework

Planview’s capabilities are the building blocks of the Planview platform. The Planview Capability Framework is an adoption framework designed to help you achieve your targeted business outcomes and maximize your return on investment with your Planview solution.

Discover Capabilities

Use the filters below to explore the Planview Capability Framework. For each capability, you’ll find a selection of business processes, best practices, product help, and other helpful resources to guide you through adopting each capability.

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      About the Planview Adoption Framework

      • What is the purpose of the Planview Adoption Framework?

        The Planview Adoption Framework is a focused series of customer journeys and associated guidance intended to lead our customers through adopting our best practice FastTrack solutions. FastTrack solutions are designed to support your organization’s strategy to delivery transformation and are based on our direct experience implementing our solutions for customers in a variety of markets and industries.

        Each FastTrack solution journey utilizes the Planview Capability Framework, our modular and highly configurable framework designed to deliver value to customers in the form of specific business outcomes. Within each capability, you’ll find a selection of business processes, best practices, product help, and other resources to guide you towards achieving those outcomes.

      • What is the Planview Capability Framework?

        The Planview Capability Framework describes the breadth, depth, and maturity of Planview’s solutions and the value they bring to our customers. It is a modular framework, with the capabilities themselves forming the foundational components of our solutions.

        Each capability has a distinct set of features and functionality, business processes, best practices, and analytics and reports that deliver value to customers in the form of specific business outcomes. Think of each capability as a building block; these blocks can be slotted together in different ways to build tailored, best practice solutions for each customer. Capabilities don’t have to be switched on all at once – the framework is deliberately modular, so that customers can continue to build and improve upon their solution in line with the ever-changing world of work.

      • Who should use the Planview Adoption Framework?

        The Planview Adoption Framework is designed for all those looking to effectively lead change within their organization. It also enables leaders to prepare their teams with self-guided training via our library of practitioner best practices and processes, so you can get more value from your implementation.

      • How do I get started?

        Each organization is at their own stage of transformation, so we have included a summary of each journey stage to help you identify where you should start- just click the "get help choosing a stage" link to get started.

        Planview Professional Services offers initial implementation and value optimization services for our software solutions. Our subject matter experts leverage the Planview Adoption Framework to help you to assess where your organization currently is, what areas you want to transform, and how to realize the benefit of leveraging Planview capabilities. For more information, see Planview Professional Services.

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