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A Partnership for Success

Why partner with Planview Professional Services? Whether you're interested in deploying, enhancing, or optimizing your Planview solution, our global team with diverse experience across industries and verticals is here to help.

Our proven methodology utilizes solution capabilities to focus on delivering business value – not features – to speed adoption and help your organization achieve critical goals. To support your transformation, we offer flexible service terms that suit the needs of each unique customer.

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Implementation and Onboarding Services Run the Business Services Continuous Evolution Services

Implementation and Onboarding Services

Planview’s professional services team uses FastTrack, an analytics-first delivery model that enables customers to reduce risk and accelerate the implementation of their solutions. FastTrack packages are specifically tailored to target common organizational needs, and use a fixed-price, business value-focused approach to quickly drive tangible results.

During your implementation, we work directly with you to identify the analytics and reporting that will deliver critical business insights. We then configure the capabilities of the solution, implementing integrations as necessary.

Post-configuration, our experienced consultants work with you to outline an implementation plan to deliver those capabilities and analytics. Finally, we help you determine how to best enable users through adoption programs and training to deliver and drive value and ROI.


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FastTrack Packages

FastTrack packages are a subset of the full range of capabilities a solution has to offer, designed to deliver incremental value in the form of business outcomes and solve specific organizational needs. Each capability includes best practices, process flows, and additional resources to support onboarding.


Planview® AdaptiveWork – Essentials

Fully configured PPM solution - just waiting for the customer’s project and organizational information - which incorporates industry best practices and our lessons learned.

Business Value

  • Portfolio Visibility – Projects reporting variances in scope, budget, dates, or quality can be brought under control to mitigate the risks for the achievement of on-time project delivery
  • Work Delivery – Provide team members with the right tools to suit their way of working, while retaining visibility
  • Resource Utilization – Identify under- and over-utilized resources, thereby optimizing resource utilization across the resource pool and improving on-time project delivery

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Planview® Portfolios – Strategic Portfolio Management Starter

Manage the portfolio from formulation to execution enterprise-wide, on a cross-functional scale.

Business Value

  • Strategic Direction – Define and establish strategic direction, align delivery to strategy.

  • Funding –Allocate funding to set guardrails and establish expected ROI​.

  • Prioritization –Continuously prioritize investments within different scenarios, shift and balance decisions vs constraints, and create flexible funding models.

  • Review Performance – Understand progress against plan, adjust, and provide visibility and governance to keep up with the pace of change.

  • Resource Capacity Planning – Forecast incoming demand and facilitate trade off and prioritization decisions, ensuring that resources are committed to the highest priority strategically-aligned work, while ensuring resources are committed to essential maintenance and keep the lights on work​.






Planview® Portfolios - Project and Resource Management Starter

Provide visibility into the portfolio of work and resources, optimizing the use of financial and people resources, to drive on-time delivery of prioritized project work and keep-the-lights-on work.

Business Value

  • Work Intake – Process-driven work initiation, business case, planning and approval for execution

  • Resource Utilization – ​​​​​​Determine and visualize the overall utilization of resource teams, identify resource bottle necks that could impact work delivery and ensure effective resource utilization across the resource pool, improving on-time work delivery

  • Financial Performance – Manage actual costs and effort consumed while executing and forecast the remaining costs and effort to complete the work.

  • Collaboration – Provide work delivery teams with a platform to collaborate and manage delivery activities.




Planview® Portfolios – Enterprise Agile Planning Starter

Provide the foundation empowering Agile Team or Team of Teams to manage all aspects of planning and execution using a variety of Agile Methodologies such as Scaled Agile, Scrum, Kanban, etc.

Business Value

  • Agile Backlog Management – Provides a structure for agile teams or team of teams to manage their backlog. This allows them to visualize, prioritize, and plan work activities that align to strategic priorities.

  • Agile Planning and Management – Provides a structure to carry out quarterly planning. Provides teams and teams of teams with the ability to visualize, plan, and coordinate organizational initiatives quickly, effectively, and with clarity into the value delivered.

  • Agile Execution– Supports agile teams or team of teams to deliver on their team or PI plans using Kanban boards that match their preferred work methodology and processes.

  • Roadmapping – Roadmapping allows program and product managers, agile leaders, and other business planners to translate strategy into a timeline of business outcomes and deliverables. Roadmapping can be used to set direction and expectations, as well as maintain clear communication throughout delivery.

  • Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) – Objectives and key results (OKRs) are an outcome-driven framework adopted by organizations who want to define key organizational goals and track progress toward achieving them.





Planview® Portfolios – Foundational Planning

Drive value attainment by defining strategic goals and associated OKRs, enabling program and work alignment to strategy, within funding guardrails.  Enable team level work execution and visibility.

Business Value

  • Strategic Direction – Define and establish strategic direction, align delivery to strategy.

  • Funding – Allocate funding to set guardrails and establish expected ROI.

  • Prioritization – Continuously prioritize investments within different scenarios, shift and balance decisions vs constraints, and create flexible funding models.

  • Program Planning – Assess, prioritize ideas and group them into funded initiatives (programs) that will deliver the roadmap, understanding the impact of trade-offs and decisions​.

  • Program and Work Management – Measure program and work execution against strategy and realization of roadmap, identifying issues and roadblock to achievement of the strategy​.

  • Financial Performance – Ensure that strategic initiatives deliver on their ROI, driving organizational financial performance.

  • Collaboration– Provide work delivery teams with a platform to collaborate and manage delivery activities.





Additional Offerings

  • Functional deployments – flexible, configured solutions suitable to complex environments
  • Integration services – improve business value by connecting Planview's solution with your data and processes via integrations
  • Reporting services – Power BI packages, and custom reports and analytics to serve even the most demanding users
  • Training – easily onboard and up-skill users through on-demand learning, instructor-led public and private training classes, and more via the University of Planview

Run the Business Services

  • Reporting and analytics services – Power BI packages and custom reports and analytics to serve even the most demanding users.
  • Product integration services – improve business value by connecting Planview's solution with your data and processes via integrations.
  • Global Managed Services – provides a global team to assist customers in the effective operation of their Planview investment. Services include application administration, database administration, testing services, sandbox management services, and architectural oversight​.
  • Planview Enterprise One CloudLift – this service supports the migration of a customer's on-premise installation of Planview Enterprise to the Planview Cloud. A dedicated team will manage all aspects of the technical transition and typically deliver cloud access in 90 days or less. Once the migration is complete, customers will be free of the tasks and costs of operating, monitoring, and maintaining their installation and will benefit from our optimized service delivery platform and technical expertise
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) – this industry-proven technology uses programmed robots to automate actions across applications, mimicking user interactions in Planview.
  • Premium and elite support packages – these packages provide ongoing expert guidance designed to suit the unique needs of your organization.


Continuous Evolution Services

  • Evolve Advisory Services – for customers needing guidance on organizational readiness, processes, and people to compliment the technical implementation, Planview offers Evolve Business Advisory Services. By delivering best-practice advice related to people and process challenges, Planview assures that your organization is ready for success and able to successfully navigate change. For more information, email
  • Analytics Assurance – this subscription contract provides a bundle of services hours for analytics, report creation and configuration, and coaching from reporting experts​.
  • Ad-hoc consulting services – a customer-driven offering that bridges the gap between Customer Care support activities and traditional on-site Planview consulting engagements. Services include Remote Advisory Service (RAS).


Contact Us

If you are interested in any of our professional services, contact your Planview Managing Consultant or Customer Success Manager for more information.