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Planview Global Managed Services (GMS) Offerings

Every business needs technology to operate and compete effectively. As demand grows, so does the need for resources to support your strategic initiatives. But what happens when your resources become scarce, or need to focus their expertise on other projects or initiatives?

Planview offers professional and remote application management services on a variety of topics that we call Planview Global Managed Services (GMS). One or all of the offerings listed below may fit your needs and provide you with peace of mind.



Application Administration for Portfolios, AdaptiveWork, PPM Pro, AgilePlace, and ProjectPlace

Administer your Planview application efficiently with our specifically-designed global service program. 

Architectural Oversight Get expert guidance on your architectural direction to guide you in your configuration decisions and direction.

Job Stream Management for Portfolios

Monitor and manage your job streams up to 24/7 or in any time zone you need.

Testing Services for Portfolios and AdaptiveWork

Planview has created test plans that GMS can use to validate your use case.

Sandbox Management for Portfolios

Establish and maintain governance around the use and status of your lower environments and their multiple databases.

Global Managed Services Offering Details 

Application Administration Architectural Oversight Job Stream Management Testing Services Sandbox Management

Application Administration

Planview GMS offers professional and remote Application Administration Services that enable customers to offload the day-to-day administration of Planview applications. This program is specifically designed to ensure the stability and efficiency of your Planview investment, allowing you to allocate your limited resources to other projects.

Planview GMS can assist you with:

  • Taking on your day to day administration activities
  • Supporting your team
  • Helping manage your processes
  • Maintaining your investment

Global Managed Services Catalog Categories

Application Administration Product Offerings.png

Key Benefits of Application Administration

  • Relief for capital and resource-constrained organizations

  • Focus your internal resources on higher value work, strategic initiatives, and core competencies

  • Navigate peaks and valleys of demand by flexibly adding or reducing capacity

  • Save 40-50% on costs by not staffing services yourself

  • Work with named individuals committed to your organization and your success

  • Ready, stable, fully-enabled team you can rely on with over a dozen years experience delivering these services

  • Access our enabled network of Planview experts, including those in integrations and Planview applications

  • 24/7 support is available

Architectural Oversight

Get expert guidance on your architectural direction:

  • A primary expert is assigned to you who has extensive Planview expertise and lessons learned from many clients.
  • Your primary expert will address your priorities themselves or by coordinating topical experts across the Planview platform to get you the information you need (i.e., reporting, OKRs, integrations, SAFe). 
  • Your primary expert understands the business, processes, and configuration.

You will hold regularly scheduled workshops with your expert(s) who will:

  • Validate your vision for configuration changes.
  • Address questions about your current use case and evolving needs.
  • Go deeper on topics of interest brought to you throughout your organization.

Job Stream Management (Portfolios only)

Managing your Planview investment requires dedication and commitment. As your reliance on your deployed integrations and other scheduled jobs grow, so does your need for resources to support their efficient operation. But who is monitoring them and alerting the appropriate teams when they don't perform as expected?

Planview offers remote professional Job Stream Management Services for Planview Portfolios. We can cover you 24/7 or in any time zone you need. The Job Stream Management Services package bundles multiple services together to provide a strong and secure offering, including job stream process.

Job Stream Management

  • We provide active monitoring and management of your Portfolios job streams.
  • We triage and route issues to the experts that can address your challenges. Our team of experts will:
    • Make their best effort to identify the issue.
    • Identify the appropriate team or teams to contact for resolution, including but not limited to Planview Customer Care, Planview GIS, or Customer teams.
    • Contact the identified team and provide information found during triage actions as well as follow up with the team to ensure they have sufficient information to provide a resolution.
  • Keep the customer informed regarding the issue and actions taken.

Peace of Mind

Planview Job Stream Management Services give customers the opportunity to confidently offload the day-to-day administration of this critical process to a team of experts. This program is specifically designed to ensure the stability and efficiency of your Planview investment, allowing you to allocate resources to other projects.


Testing Services

Successful rollouts of new capabilities and recent releases drive continued value on your Planview journey. To augment these critical activities, Planview offers remote professional Testing Services for Planview Portfolios and AdaptiveWork. 

For over a decade, Planview’s GMS team has helped customers through hundreds of testing scenarios. One customer calls it their “peace of mind.” 

The Testing Services Solution

  • Gives you and your team the opportunity to offload a testing cycle to an expert team
  • Proven approach designed to test your Planview application efficiently
  • A fully enabled team committed to your organization and your success
  • Test plans and cases based on our experience helping hundreds of customers
  • The ability to align GMS test plans to your specific needs including continuous cloud support or new release of capability
  • Proven use of Planview Projectplace for efficient collaboration between Planview and you
  • Scalable testing for large and small customers

Scope and Process

Planview has created thorough test plans that cover the Planview Portfolios and AdaptiveWork applications. We work with you to determine what needs to be tested and recommend a best practice approach based on our years of experience. A comprehensive Projectplace workspace is created to show you what we tested, what passed, what failed, and the resulting resolution plan we implemented as testing proceeds.

Potential Test Areas

Administration and user role rules Planning

Work and work portfolio management

Investment and capacity planning

Requests and lifecycles


Resource management

Report execution and Excel add-in validation

Time reporting and approval

Strategy: portfolio and entity

Key Benefits of Testing Services

  • Rely on a fully enabled team with nearly a decade of experience delivering testing services for hundreds of customers
  • Lean on our pre-designed test plans and monitor progress through collaboration
  • Access an experienced network of Planview experts
  • Save costs and time 
  • Relieve overworked, understaffed teams
  • Focus internal resources on Planview application enhancements, training, and other strategic initiatives and deliverables

Sandbox Management (Portfolios only)

Managing your Planview production and sandbox environments for Planview Portfolios is critical to your success. However, establishing and maintaining governance around the use and status of each Sandbox database can be challenging.

Planview offers remote professional Sandbox Management Services to solve this need. The Sandbox Management Services package bundles multiple services together to provide a strong and secure offering.

Sandbox Management Services

  • Preparing the DEV and QA environments for development and piloting purposes and managing configurable items within these environments
  • Working with support teams to refresh databases as needed from other environments
  • Production issue root cause replication and analysis
  • Preparing lower-level environments for bug replications, exploring root cause scenarios, and documenting for risk assessment and prevention
  • Preparing the training environment to train new functionalities for new customer users
  • Serving or supporting the business when accidental or unexpected events occur

Key Benefits of Sandbox Management

  • Knowing the purpose and status of each sandbox database
  • Access our enabled network of Planview experts
  • Cost-effective relief for overworked and understaffed teams
  • Your internal resources can focus on higher value work, strategic initiatives, and core competencies
  •  Service is available in any time zone
  • Rely on a fully enabled team with over a decade of experience delivering these services
  • Work with named individuals committed to your organization and your success

The Global Managed Services Delivery Model

Planview GMS can be delivered under one of two major models: Admin Assurance or Demand-Based. You can choose the model that provides the best options for your needs.

Admin Assurance Characteristics

"The work is defined by the staffing.”

Demand-Based Characteristics

“The staffing is defined by the work.”

  • Staff augmentation

  • ‘n’ FTE/hours per month

  • Application administration

  • Defined Catalog of Services

  • “Use it or lose it”

  • Expanded services available

  • Driven by response and resolution SLAs

  • Application administration

  • Catalog of Services Plus+

  • Focal point for end users needs

  • Architect oversight included

  • Expanded services available

The Global Managed Services Team

Planview customers have been leveraging GMS for over twelve years. We have developed an experienced team that is ready to contribute from day one and expedite time to value.

Your dedicated support team is comprised of on-shore, off-shore, and near-shore resources. You are assigned named contact points who allow your GMS team to become familiar with how you use Planview application configurations within your use case. We also provide a clear escalation path if needed.

Your business isn’t contained to one time zone, and neither is GMS. Our global team can provide up to 24/7 support across all time zones.

Your GMS team is part of Planview’s Professional Services organization and is aligned closely with Planview Customer Care, Customer Success, CloudOps, and the rest of the Professional Services team to serve your needs efficiently.

Get Started Today

To get started with Planview GMS, contact your Planview Professional Services Managing Consultant, Customer Success Manager, or Account Executive, or email For more information, please download and review the relevant data sheets attached below.

Planview Global Managed Services 

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