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Project Portfolio Management

Project Portfolio Management

Planview’s Project Portfolio Management solution enables leaders to prioritize work, focus resources, balance capacity against demand, optimize project and program portfolios, and empower teams to deliver value on their own terms, all within a line of sight from strategy to delivery.

Project Portfolio Management Overview

Your Modernization Journey

Planview’s Project Portfolio Management (PPM) modernization journey serves as a guide for organizations who want to modernize their PPM capabilities, evolving how they plan and deliver value from strategy to delivery. The journey is organized into five progressive stages; each stage has a distinct area of focus and is tied to specific capabilities and business outcomes. The PPM modernization journey is unique for every organization, depending on where they are, and where they want to go. As organizations progress through the stages, agility and adaptability increase, teams become empowered to work autonomously, and PMOs begin to focus on driving outcomes at the portfolio level. In the final stages, leaders gain visibility into work aligned to business objectives from strategy down to the team level.

Project management is the foundation of the PPM modernization journey, with the focus for your organization on portfolio visibility, work and resource management, and financials. Start here if you’re using one of Planview’s PPM products along with other disconnected tools, while relying on meetings and other communication to understand the status of the portfolio. The goal of this stage is to use portfolio and capacity planning to ensure the right work is prioritized at the right time.

Adaptive portfolio planning is the last stage in modern PPM. Here, organizations identify opportunities based on leading indicators, support continuous change, and shorten planning cycles to allow for rapid delivery. Start here if you’ve raised Planview’s Investment and Capacity Planning tool to the strategy and resource role level, and you’re ready to align funding and prioritization to strategic goals and programs.

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