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Project Portfolio Management

Project Portfolio Management

With a line of sight from strategy to delivery, Planview’s Project Portfolio Management solution enables leaders to optimize program and project portfolios, balance capacity against demand, prioritize work, focus resources, and empower teams to deliver.

Modern project portfolio management approaches let you empower your teams with the right work experience and tools for the type of work being delivered – waterfall projects, iterative, collaborative, lean-agile. This work can be tied back into the integrated strategy and portfolio plans, enabling stakeholder visibility and organizational alignment.


Planview’s Project Portfolio Management journey enables your organization to transform how you orchestrate, prioritize, and coordinate value from strategy to delivery. Business outcomes include:

  • Strategic Roadmaps — Define and create organization-wide, cross-functional, strategic roadmaps that are translated into actionable and quantitative plans.
  • Program Planning — Assess and prioritize ideas then group them into funded initiatives (programs) that will deliver the roadmap, understanding the impact of trade-offs and decisions.
  • Work Delivery — Provide team members with the right tools to suit their way of working, while retaining visibility.
  • Program Management — Measure program execution against strategy and realization of the roadmap, identifying issues and roadblocks to the achievement of the roadmaps.
  • Portfolio Visibility — Projects reporting variances in scope, budget, dates, or quality can be brought under control to mitigate the risks for the achievement of on-time project delivery.

The path to achieving these business outcomes will be different for each organization. Planview’s interactive PPM Journey Mapping tool can help you identify your current stage on the PPM modernization journey and where you want to go, and Planview’s Modernization Journey Workshop tools can help you map your organization’s transformation from traditional to modern PPM.

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Project Management is this first step of the modernization journey, with the primary focus for the organization being portfolio visibility, work and resource management, and financials. In this stage, you’re using one of Planview’s PPM tools, along with other disconnected tools, while relying on meetings and other communication to understand the status of the portfolio. The following information will help you understand how best to leverage your PPM tool to meet these traditional goals.

Connected Delivery brings team and other tools into your PPM product, surfacing data for the entire organization. This provides full visibility into work being across the organization, allowing you to make accurate portfolio-level decisions and align strategy to delivery with real-time data and status reporting.

Adaptive Portfolio Planning is the final step to becoming a Modern PPM. In this step organizations start to focus on shortening planning cycles from annual to quarterly to off-cycle, shifting to program and product-centric planning that focuses on outcomes and benefits, while performing quarterly checkpoints.