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Which Module is Right for Your Team?

Team Kanban powered by AgilePlace and Project Teams powered by ProjectPlace deliver the capabilities your team needs to plan, manage, and visualize the progress of their collaborative work. With Planview Connected Delivery, you have access to both work management modules.  

Watch this 2-minute video and use the guide below to determine which work experience will enable your team to deliver their work most effectively. And remember, if your team's work or planning style needs to change in the future, you'll still have the other module to meet that need.

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Why use Team Kanban powered by AgilePlace? Why use Project Teams powered by ProjectPlace?
  1. The focus is the ability to visualize and manage work specific to the teams. Put another way, the team would resonate with the statement of "bringing work to the team."
  1. The focus is the ability to visualize and manage work specific to projects. Put another way, the desired outcome is "bringing people to the project."
  1. The work to be delivered by each team goes through specific processes. For example, regardless of the source of the work, it will go through the same process of Inspect, Plan, Develop, Test, and Rollout. In this case, the board for the team will be designed with the process in mind, and work will move across the board accordingly.
  1. The desire is to use a simple project management solution that provides the ability to plan projects with a work breakdown structure (WBS), interactive Gantt view, and a cloud-based document repository with approval workflow and a highly collaborative nature.
  1. The teams operate with an agile methodology or plan to move towards an agile methodology.
  1. The teams operate in a traditional or modern project-focused mode.





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