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Planview Customer Success Center

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Planview User Review Hub

The one-stop-shop for Planview customers to leave online reviews of our solutions

There is nothing more helpful for a software buyer than peer reviews.

Purchasers don’t want to hear from us, the vendor. They want to hear from you! The users, admins, practitioners, and sponsors. We would be honored if you shared your opinions and perspectives on some (or all) of the peer-to-peer review sites featured on this hub.

Start by clicking on the product you’d like to review below. Each site has a different process to collect reviews and some are offering rewards! Look for the $ symbol to see which sites are currently incentivizing submissions.


  • What is the process and how long will these take?
    • The Gartner, G2 Crowd and TrustRadius sites are all conducted by online surveys, which will take about 15-20 minutes to complete.
    • The PeerSpot process is to conduct a phone interview for Planview® Portfolios & Planview® AdaptiveWork (typically takes 15-20 minutes). The links above will direct you to schedule a date/time with their research team. All other product reviews will be conducted via an online survey.
  • What if I’ve already left a review? / Can I leave multiple reviews?
    • If you leave a review of Planview® Portfolios on Gartner Peer Insights for example, we invite you to leave a new review of Planview® Portfolios with a different site such as PeerSpot.
    • Similarly, if you’re using more than one product, you could leave multiple reviews with one vendor such as G2 Crowd, leaving a different review for each product you’re using.
    • If you’ve already left a review, you also have the option of updating previous reviews to keep your perspectives recent & accurate.
  • What’s in it for me?
    • Some of the peer review sites are offering incentives for your submissions. Look for the “$” sign next to a vendor’s name above to see which are currently incentivizing reviews.
    • Gartner Peer Insights is offering a free 3-month subscription to their research content for your first approved review.
    • TrustRadius and G2 Crowd are offering $25 gift cards for all approved reviews, but only for certain products.
    • For PeerSpot reviews of Planview® AdaptiveWork & Planview® Portfolios, they are offering a $50 Gift card once your review is approved.
  • Can my reviews be anonymous?
    • Yes, each vendor allows you to designate whether you would like your review to be anonymous.
    • PeerSpot allows for reviews to be fully (name and company) or partially (name or company) anonymous
    • The review sites will ask you to create a user profile in order to leave a review. This profile allows them to determine if you are indeed a real person and does not mean your identity will be shared along with your review (unless you choose to leave a non-anonymous review.)
    • Reviews left anonymously do not affect whether you receive a thank-you gift.
  • I have additional questions about this, who can I speak with?
    • Please reach out to James Lustenader ( with any additional questions, concerns or for help signing into the sites and/or receiving your thank-you gifts.