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Planview Viz Professional

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Certification Description

Planview Viz Professional is a change agent who implements a value-centric approach to DevOps that propels results for the business. The Planview Viz Professional certification is an opportunity to gain the skills needed to drive a Value Stream Management transformation.

This certification is for current Planview customers, authorized partners, and employees only. 

Certification Objectives

After completing the lessons and activities in the courses, you will be able to:

  • Summarize the purpose and benefit of Planview Viz 
  • Define Value Streams in Planview Viz 
  • Identify and model value produced in product value streams 
  • Balance the product value stream system to improve and become more predictable 
  • Understand the significance of controlling work type distribution 
  • Focus on improving flow efficiency to address waste in the system 
  • Improve visibility by incorporating business results and timeline events 
  • Perform bottleneck analysis to increase speed 
  • Gain performance insights across product value stream portfolios 

Learning Level


Foundational application knowledge advised.


This certification is ideal for users who drive Value Stream innovation and transformation on behalf of their organization. 


The Planview Viz Professional certification uses the Planview Viz application.

Certification Requirements

  • Obtain a passing score of 75% on the certification exam
  • Learner must complete all courses before the exam is accessible 

Recommended Prerequisite Learning

  • none


Enroll in this certification program through the University of Planview!