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Planview Product Development Maturity Journey



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Today's product development organizations must evolve to meet new challenges with agility and adaptability. Planview's Product Portfolio Management maturity journey serves as a guide to help organizations quickly realize this evolution. This guide is detailed into progressive steps with distinct areas of focus, which have been ordered to make an organization’s journey as efficient as possible. The information and tools in the following sections are designed to help you understand and navigate this journey.


What is the Product Portfolio Management Maturity Journey?

Why Mature? A Journey for Every Enterprise

Organizations must respond to change and uncertainty in ways they never have before. They need to understand how and where to mature in ways that align with trends in product development portfolio methodologies.

Planview's Product Portfolio Management maturity journey enables a modern approach to your product development processes. Organizations can empower teams to take on more independent planning and execution around the work. This shifts the focus to the portfolio level, ensuring the right teams focus on the right work at the right time, while orchestrating across teams to deliver value.

The reason for an organization to mature is simple: adaptivity. The best place to start is understanding where you are now on your journey, and the next steps to get you where you want to go.

  1. Commit to the journey. As with any change, it will take time to see the benefits. 
  2. Update existing processes to accept change as a constant. Becoming adaptive is more than just a mindset: it modernizes how organizations carry out portfolio and work management. 
  3. Understand your product strategy so that leaders are empowered to translate strategy into outcomes that drive business value.
  4. Emphasize resiliency. Disruptions will inevitably occur, so the ability to adapt quickly is crucial.
  5. Empower your teams in order to increase process automation and agility. Embrace differences as the new norm, where teams use delivery methods that best fit the work and desired outcome. No more one-size-fits-all!
  6. Embrace a culture of innovation. The best ideas can come from many places, so leverage innovation culture to get the best solutions.


Mature Your Product Development Processes

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Portfolio and project management leverage other tools to track work.

Connect strategy to the products, programs, and projects required to achieve your organization’s strategic outcomes.

Develop dynamic plans that are continually informed by strategy and key results and adapt your product portfolios to quickly meet or exceed customer demands, market changes, innovations, and competitive threats.

When disruptions occur, you will have the resiliency to adapt and adjust to market forces.

Support smart products and improve time to market by automating product development processes and empowering teams to work collaboratively across different methodologies.

Capture the voice of the customer and collaborate on the most innovative and profitable ideas, driving the best ideas to the top of the list and discarding nonviable ideas early on.




Achieve Business Value

To derive the full business value from your capabilities, employ the business processes and best practices aligned to your capabilities while putting in place analytics and reporting to quickly analyze information. This will prevent over-engineering and ensure you're optimizing business value and user experience.

When you’re ready to implement or mature your capabilities to maximize business value, visit the Planview Capability Framework for more information.

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Product Portfolio Management Capabilities

Each organization will have a distinct journey and process for how capabilities are implemented and matured. Planview capability maps and journey assessments are used to understand where you are today and what the next steps on your journey will be. Download the Planview Product Portfolio Management Capability Map where you can mark which capabilities you are using now and which you would like to implement next. To help you as you fill out your map, the journey assessment in the next section will ask questions about how your organization is working today.

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Customer Journey Assessment

Our customer journey assessment is a tool that will help you map out your journey and understand other areas you'd like to mature. The questions in the assessment point to principal areas for maturity. Once your answers are marked, you'll have a visualization of where you are on your journey. This serves to foster discussion around which areas you want to focus on to move the needle forward. Download the Planview Product Portfolio Management Customer Journey Assessment to complete your own assessment.

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The Right Tool for the Work

When it comes to empowering teams, having the right tool for the work is key. Understanding the benefits of each tool while establishing their use cases – in contrast to only using the traditional work breakdown structure – is crucial to modernizing how your teams are empowered to work. This section compares the basic features of ProjectPlace and AgilePlace in a cross-reference grid, followed by additional resources for diving deeper into each tool.

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ProjectPlace Resources

Connected ProjectPlace in the Planview Capability Framework
Demonstrations and Webinars 
ProjectPlace Enablement Webinars and Training Materials (Free and Recorded) 
Product Help in the Customer Success Center 


Get Help Along the Way

If you need additional support as you make this transition, Planview offers several services to help you throughout the process.

Planview Premium Support Program

The Planview Premium Support program offers customers extra support from a Customer Care Consultant to expedite care issues, a sandbox environment to test new features and configurations, and a Customer Success Manager to help you plan, prioritize and optimize your ongoing Planview solution journey. 

Remote Advisory Service (RAS) hours

These are specialized hours designed to help address specific customer needs, bridging the gap between Customer Care and on-site Planview Consulting, allowing you to receive quick and cost-effective enablement.

Evolve Advisory Services

We partner with you, get to know your business, and apply our knowledge of best practices to help you achieve your strategic business outcomes.