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March 15, 2024

New Card Automation feature

Added support for copying parent card field values to child card fields. For more information, see this article.

New Board Display Options

Lighter Board Background for a More Modern Look

With this release, we've updated the default background color for AgilePlace boards from a dark grey to a lighter white. This change was driven by modern UI/UX design best practices which favor lighter user interface backgrounds for a few key reasons:

Visual Freshness & Reduced Eye Strain

Lighter backgrounds create a sense of openness, airiness and modernity. Dark backgrounds can feel outdated or heavy. Lighter tones tend to be easier on the eyes, reducing visual fatigue during extended periods of use.

Improved Discoverability & Header Color Contrast

The light background with the colored lane headers help to quickly orient users to the different statuses on a board (Not Started, Started, Finished). We've received feedback from customers that users tend to miss the workflow statuses on a board, so we hope this header change helps with quick discoverability. 

We're working to provide a best-in-class modern user experience with AgilePlace. While subjective, transitioning to a lighter, more neutral background aligns with contemporary design trends seen across productivity tools, websites and mobile apps today.

We welcome any feedback on this update as we plan to iterate on this new look based on your feedback! 

To switch between the new modern theme and the legacy board theme

Click the Display Options dropdown in the upper right of the menu bar. This lets you toggle between the Legacy and Modern Display Options.






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