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Advanced Reporting API: Current Lanes Endpoint

GET /io/reporting/export/lanes

Returns all the current board lanes the authorized user has board access to.

Resource URL

GET https://{accountname}

See Export Parameters for more information on specifying response formats and other options.

Example Request



Column Description
Lane ID  
Lane Title  
Full Lane Title  
Lane Policy  
Lane Class  
Lane Orientation  
Lane Type  
Creation Date  
WIP Limit  
Lane Width  
Lane Position  
Board ID  
Board Title  
Parent Lane ID  
Is Completed Lane  
Is Default Drop Lane  
Is Top Level Lane  
Can Hold Cards  
Has Child Lanes  
Child Lane Count  

Example Response

"Lane ID","Lane Title","Full Lane Title","Lane Policy","Lane Class","Lane Orientation","Lane Type","Creation Date","WIP Limit","Lane Width","Lane Position","Board ID","Board Title","Parent Lane ID","Parent Lane Title","Is Completed Lane","Is Default Drop Lane","Is Top Level Lane","Can Hold Cards","Has Child Lanes","Child Lane Count"
"10112913860","Not Started - Future Work","Not Started - Future Work",,"OnBoard","Vertical","Ready",2016-06-27 04:04:30 PM,0,3,0,"10112913759","Sample Board",,,,,1,,,
"10112913861","Approved","Not Started - Future Work -> Approved",,"OnBoard","Vertical","Ready",2016-06-27 04:04:31 PM,0,1,2,"10112913759","Sample Board","10112913860",,,,,,,