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Planview Customer Success Center

December 2023 Release Notes

December 29, 2023

AgilePlace’s generative AI “Ask AI” feature has been released as early access to Planview Labs. The initial release supports the following use cases:

  • “What’s Most Important” for cards under “Not Started” lanes. Provides a prioritized list of cards based on level of effort, score, dates, and other card attributes.
  • “Create Standup Report” for cards under “Started” lanes. Provides a status update or standup update grouped by assigned users.
  • “Create Release Notes” for cards under “Finished” lanes. Summarize recently finished work into release notes.

December 15, 2023

  • Fixed a defect where previously, if any of the field mapping was changed during import, the "Lane ID" mapping would show there was an issue with the LanId.
  • The multi-select custom field now supports up to 500 options. Also, the character limit for each option has been increased from 50 to 100.