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List card faces

GET /io/board/:boardId/card

Get cards on a board. Sometimes referred to as the "card face" endpoint, this is used to populate the card faces when loading a LeanKit board.

This endpoint is a preview release supporting new features of our application, and may be subject to change.

Query Params

Param Type Usage Default
lanes string Specify a comma-delimited list of lane Ids to limit the result to these lanes.
cards string Specify a comma-delimited list of card Ids to limit the result to these cards only.
ignoreArchiveDate boolean Set to 'true' to include cards that have already been archived and would not normally appear on the board. false
offset integer Set the "start row" number of the first card to be returned. 0
limit integer Set the number of cards to be returned. 200

Example Request

curl -X GET \,10112558841' \
  -H 'Authorization: Basic ZGFuaEBwbGFudmlldy4jb206dGVzdDEyMzQ=' \
  -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \

Example Successful Response

200 Success

    "pageMeta": {
        "totalRecords": 18,
        "offset": 0,
        "limit": 10,
        "startRow": 1,
        "endRow": 10
    "cards": [
            "id": "29392943",
            "title": "Title for 10105790505",
            "index": 1,
            "laneId": "10106271134",
            "color": "#9AB6FD",
            "tags": [
            "size": 2,
            "priority": "high",
            "plannedStart": "2019-11-25",
            "plannedFinish": "2019-11-27",
            "actualStart": "2015-09-08T21:36:37Z",
            "actualFinish": null,
            "isDone": false,
            "movedOn": "2015-12-09T23:27:48.000Z",
            "updatedOn": "2019-11-26T21:33:32.000Z",
            "externalLinks": [
                    "label": "LeanKit",
                    "url": ""
            "customIconLabel": "Class of Service",
            "blockedStatus": {
                "isBlocked": false,
                "reason": null
            "customIcon": null,
            "customHeader": {
                "value": "Sample Card",
                "header": "Sample Card",
                "url": null
            "customId": {
                "value": "Sample Card",
                "prefix": null,
                "url": null
            "taskBoardStats": null,
            "containingCardId": null,
            "cardType": {
                "id": "10100191335",
                "name": "CardType for 10100191335"
            "subscriptionId": null,
            "parentCards": [],
            "assignedUsers": [],
            "connectedCardStats": {
                "startedCount": 2,
                "startedSize": 2,
                "notStartedCount": 0,
                "notStartedSize": 0,
                "completedCount": 1,
                "completedSize": 1,
                "blockedCount": 0,
                "totalCount": 3,
                "totalSize": 3,
                "plannedStart": null,
                "plannedFinish": null,
                "actualStart": "2019-11-26T16:43:34Z",
                "actualFinish": null,
                "pastDueCount": 0,
                "projectedLateCount": 0
            "scoring": {
                "isTemplateChanged": false,
                "scoreTotal": 48.91,
                "scoreOverride": null,
                "confidenceTotal": 55.62,
                "scores": [
                        "metricId": "1",
                        "score": 31.86,
                        "confidence": 68.21
                        "metricId": "2",
                        "score": 57.74,
                        "confidence": 50.28
                        "metricId": "3",
                        "score": 41.98,
                        "confidence": 61.53
                        "metricId": "4",
                        "score": 43.52,
                        "confidence": 41.40
            "canView": true
            // more cards here

Response Properties

Property Type Note
id integer id internal unique id
title string
index integer The position of card (or task) in current lane.
laneId integer The internal unique id of current lane.
color hex value
tags string array for example: [ "bob", "sam" ]
size integer The user-determined size of card (or task).
priority priority value "low", "normal", "high", or "critical"
plannedStart date
plannedFinish date
isDone boolean Returns true when the card has been moved to archive or a done lane.
movedOn date
updatedOn date
externalLinks externalLink array { label: "instagram", url: "" } integer id
customIcon.cardColor hex value
customIcon.iconColor hex value
customIcon.iconName string
customIcon.iconPath stromg
blockedStatus.isBlocked boolean
blockedStatus.reason string
customHeader.value string Depending on configuration, this may appear in the card or task header.
customHeader.header string The computed value of the card's header. It is the value prefixed with customId.prefix below.
customHeader.url string When configured, displays the url link for the header.
customId.value string or integer Similar to customHeader, this is included backward compatibility.
customId.prefix string The configured prefix for the customId / header.
customId.url string When configured, displays the url link for the header.
taskBoardStats.totalCount integer
taskBoardStats.completedCount integer
taskBoardStats.totalSize integer
taskBoardStats.completedSize integer
containingCardId integer This is populated when the current object is a task. integer string
subscriptionId integer This is for internal subscription tracking only; do not use.
parentCards array of parentCard Example: { id: 123, title: "A parent card" }
assignedUsers array of users Example: { id: 123, fullName: "John Smith", avatar: (link to avatar), emailAddress: "" }
connectedCardStats.startedCount integer
connectedCardStats.startedSize integer
connectedCardStats.notStartedCount integer
connectedCardStats.notStartedSize integer
connectedCardStats.completedCount integer
connectedCardStats.completedSize integer
connectedCardStats.blockedCount integer
connectedCardStats.totalCount integer
connectedCardStats.totalSize integer
connectedCardStats.plannedStart date
connectedCardStats.plannedFinish date
connectedCardStats.actualStart date
connectedCardStats.actualFinish date
connectedCardStats.pastDueCount integer
connectedCardStats.projectedLateCount integer
canView boolean Returns true if the current user can view the card. This is generally useful in relationship to parent cards. In some cases, a user might know that a particular parent card exists, but does not have permission on that card's board to view the card.

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