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Planview Customer Success Center

January 17, 2020 Release Notes

New Features and Bug Fixes

This week we have released the following fixes and improvements:

  • We've added a closing animation to the card dialog that will help you locate the underlying card on the board. For browsers that don't support the new animation, you'll still be able to locate its position by looking for a yellow highlighted card.
  • Read only boards were previously not available to select in the Reporting Data Extract dialog. These are now available to select (The data from these boards was already being included when no board filter was applied).
  • Fixed an issue where the lane hierarchy in the reporting data extracts didn't always reflect the current names of the parent lanes.
  • Fixed an issue where the lane edit menu and lane tooltips were sometimes opening in the wrong location.
  • Fixed a long-standing issue where certain dialogs would show up on the left side of the screen for Internet Explorer 11 users instead of centered on the screen.