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Q&A from Tasks vs. Card Connections: Best Practices - March 17th, 2022

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Is there a way to automatically create recurring tasks or cards? Similar to Project Place automation.  E.G. Automatically create a new card or task from a template every X days or every X weeks?


Not possible to create recurring cards in AgilePlace today. In-app automation is in our backlog.
How can you use the @mention feature to chat with others in a card, but perhaps not send them every single comment? Is there a way to remove a person from the conversation so they don't get an email each and every time you add a new comment.. ? As long as a user isn't subscribed to a card then that user would only get email notifications when directly @mentioned on a card. 
Can Task and Child/Parent card connections be created via csv template uploads? This is not possible today. 
If we connect cards and update the details or comments on a card, does everyone who has access to the card or board see every update via an email? Only users that are subscribed to a card would get notifications for card updates unless specifically @mentioned or assigned to a card.
Can tasks and card connections be created through the API? Yes, the API supports the ability to create card connections and tasks.
Can we limit access to people viewing our team cards? It's possible to limit access to a board but not to specific cards on a board. 
Are there built in integration offerings with AgilePlace with SharePoint and MS Teams similar to Project Place? There are no native integrations with SharePoint or MS Teams today. Our recommendation is to leverage Zapier or MS Power Automate.
Can cards and/or tasks be connected to Enterprise One projects? AgilePlace cards can be connected with Enterprise One. Link:
How can I connect Task in the PPMPro with the cards in AgilePlace? Can you please direct me to the helpfile link? Answered live. Link: 
Based on best practice #4 -- Is it possible to see connected (child) cards on a different board if I am on the connect card on the parent board?  I know I am able to see the connect (parent) card on a different board when I am on the child card board (i.e. rolled up). The best way to see children cards on other boards is to navigate to the "Child Cards" tab of the parent card within card details.
What if a deliverable ends with a QA review, is that a separate card? Answered live. 
Is there a way to provide comments on a card that can be seen and answered on a team board? This is not possible today. 
I've tested the @mention. They got the email for each comment after I mentioned them only the once. Might be something to troubleshoot? Answered live. 
How do I unsubscribe from a Card? Answered live. 
Can you obtain reporting when using a finished lane you made vs. the template recently finished lane? Is it ok to move a card once per year and keep those cards in lanes the rest of the year vs. archiving them. annual updates so to speak? Any lane can be turned into a "Finished" lane by editing a Lane's settings and choosing "Finished" as the "Lane Type"
Can I get added to the labs list to get earlier access? Answered live. 
Do you have a mobile APP that connects to your AgilePlace so you can generate cards on the phone? AgilePlace does not have a mobile app but is fully optimized for access on mobile web browsers.
Can you add additional external links to a card? There is currently only one link spot on the card. You can add as many external links to a card's description as you'd like. The dedicated "External Link" field can only contain one link.

How can we rearrange an existing list of custom fields? There is no option to move up or down. .
It's not possible to rearrange the order of custom fields today.
Why are the left-side tabs within a card only available once a card is saved and re-opened? Makes a bit of rework. Answered live. 
And ok to keep cards in lanes for a year and only update / move them once per year? Answered live. 
Could you please allow me to be part of the labs? Answered live.