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Working with Objectives

Objectives allow you to capture and track progress toward high-level goals your organization wants to achieve. 

For more information on how Objectives relate to Key Results and Activities, see Understanding OKRs.

Viewing Objectives

Objectives display several pieces of information in the OKR board view:

  • The percent of the objective that has been completed based on the average progress of Key Results



Objectives only show progress based on Key Result progress. They do not show progress of items at lower levels.


  • The number of Key Results Key Results Icon.png connected to the Objective
  • The target date of the Objective
  • Objectives are color coded accordingly based on their progress percentage:
    • Green - 70% or higher
    • Yellow - between 40-69%
    • Red - 39% or lower


Click to expand or shrink


Adding Objectives

To add a new objective to your OKR board:

  1. From the desired LeanKit board, click OKR icon.png.
  2. Click + New Objective at the top of the OKR board.
  3. Enter the Objective, e.g. "Improving the User Experience".
  4. In the Owner field, select the owner for the Objective.
  5. Enter the projected Start Date and End Date for the Objective.
  6. Specify which Objective Level this Objective belongs in and search for parent objectives to align this objective with in the Align with Parent Objective field.



    See OKR Levels for more information.

    Completed objectives cannot be selected as Parent Objectives.


  7. Click Save. You also have these additional save options from the Save dropdown:
    • Save & Close will save the Objective and then close the window.
    • Save & Create Another will save the Objective and open a new Objective window.



The Save button defaults to the save method you last used.


Managing Objectives

Once an objective is created, you can click on it to view its details. When editing an Objective, you will have access to two additional tabs:

  • The Key Results tab allows you to view or delete existing Key Results, or add new ones by clicking + Add Key Result



    For more information, see Key Results.


  • The Child Objectives tab allows you to search for and connect objectives that are related to this objective. 



    Completed objectives cannot be selected as Child Objectives.


  • The History tab allows you to view the Activity Stream for the objective which contains any modifications made to the Objective or its connected Key Results. 

Deleting Objectives

To delete an Objective, click the  icon and select Delete Objective



Deleting an Objective will delete any connected Key Results.