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Key Results

Working with Key Results

Key Results allow you to capture and track progress toward different elements of your Objectives.

For more information on how Key Results relate to Objectives and Activities, see Understanding OKRs.

Viewing Key Results

Key Results display several pieces of information in the OKR board view:

  • The percent of the Key Result that has been completed based on the Progress Updates
  • The number of Activities (or cards) Key Results Icon.png connected to the Key Result
  • The target date of the Key Result

Adding Key Results

To add a new Key Result to your OKR board:

  1. From the desired LeanKit board, click OKR icon.png.
  2. Click  on the desired objective and select Add Key Result.
    • Alternatively, you can click the Objective, select the Key Results tab, and then click Add Key Result.
  3. In the Key Results field, enter a descriptive title for how you are measuring progress.
  4. In the Owner field, select who will own this Key Result.
  5. In the Target section, specify the intended Start Date and End Date for the Key Result.
  6. In the Start Value field, indicate the starting value you are measuring using this Key Result. Then enter the desired value for this Key Result in the Target field.

    For example, if this is a new project and you want to measure by percent, you could enter "0" as the Start Value and "100" as the Target Value. If your Key Result is to move an existing metric e.g. moving acceptance from 10% to 15%, you could enter "10" as the Start Value and "15" as the Target Value. 



    The Start Value and Target Values can also go in a negative direction. For example, if you want to reduce customer acquisition cost from $80 to $50 in the next year, you could enter "80" as the Start Value and "50" as the Target Value.


  7. In the Data Source field indicate the location where this data is coming from.
  8. Use the Parent Objective dropdown to modify the selected Objective for this Key Result. 
  9. Click Save. You also have these additional save options from the Save dropdown:
    • Save & Close will save the Key Result and then close the window.
    • Save & Create Another will save the Key Result and open a new Key Result window.



The Save button defaults to the save method you last used.


Managing Key Results

Once a Key Result is created, you can click on it to view its details. When editing a Key Result, you will have access to additional tabs:

  • On the Details tab, you will have access to two data based sub tabs. 
    • Progress Entries - This tab allows you to view and modify updates made to the progress. See Updating Key Result Progress.
    • Time Chart - This tab displays your trajectory based on your progress updates as they relate to the specified dates and target value. 
  • The Activities tab allows you to view or remove existing Activities (Cards), or add new ones by clicking + Create New Activity



    For more information, see Activities.


  • The History tab allows you to view the Activity Stream for the Key Result which contains any modifications made to the Key Result.

Updating Key Result Progress

As you make measured progress, you will want to update that information in the Key Result. 

  1. Click the Key Result to open it. 
  2. On the Details tab, click the Update link.
  3. Enter the new Progress Value and the As of Date, which indicates when that value was achieved. 
  4. Enter any additional information in the Comments field.
  5. Click Update Progress to save the information.

You can modify progress update information at any time by selecting the Progress Entries tab on the Details tab and clicking the edit icon Key Results Icon.png and following the process above. 

Deleting Key Results

To delete a Key Result, click the  icon and select Delete Key Result