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Q&A from Centralized User Management with Planview Admin - July 7th, 2022

Question Answer
How does platform user admin function if SAML based SSO is being used separately on each of the Planview applications? Adding your products/environments to Platform Admin does not require you to set up SSO within Platform Admin. SSO at the individual products will continue to work as it currently does. You can even set up SSO at Platform Admin and leave SSO at the application level in place.
In a company I work, we use today Planview E1 with our SSO and AgilePlace without additional authentication/authorization layer. Does it mean that we need secure our SSO for Platform administration once it's released? Platform Administration is already a GA offering. That said - adding SSO support within Platform Admin is optional and not required.
Does SSO on E1 remain functional once the initial onboarding step is done? Yes - SSO at the individual application levels remain intact. What's needed is products/applications added and user sync'd.
Is there a plan to also enable Platform Administration for PPM Pro? PPM Pro is already a first class citizen within Platform Administration. In fact it was the first portfolio tool within Planview suite of products that was supported by Platform Admin (formerly PVID).
Can we connect our company's SSO to Platform Administration and by that we will secure authenitcation/authoriazation for whole Planview Platform we use? Yes - Okta, Azure AD etc are all supported and Platform Administration can be added within those IDP's. Doing so at the top level avoids the need to set SSO up at the individual application levels individually.
When will Platform Administration be released pubically? Platform Administration is already a GA offering. 
Hey Paul, is autoprovisioning for SSO on the roadmap? The provisioning of SSO within Platform Administration is a self service and customer led activity. The Settings tab withing Platform Administration has all the inputs and guidance needed to set up SAML certs.