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What's Coming Soon for AgilePlace?

This page will be used to communicate information (use cases, workflows, UI/UX changes) related to upcoming AgilePlace enhancements and changes. We want to provide customers with a sneak peek at what we are working on to improve and enhance AgilePlace, so that you all can prepare your users for any upcoming changes. This page will highlight new features and enhancements that we believe are coming within the next 1 to 3 months. We want to keep our customers informed about what exciting new capabilities are on the horizon, so check back often to see the latest updates on what's coming soon to AgilePlace!



Dates communicated on this page are only estimates. It's likely that some enhancements will be delayed, deprioritized, or delivered sooner than expected!


Now (Est. 1 Month Away)

Agile Planning

Teams spend hours per week manipulating data in excel or an analytics tool in order to communicate PI/Quarterly, Release, and Sprint plans across their organization. Agile Planning is meant to provide teams with an automatic visualization of what work is in the backlog, what work has been committed/planned, and what work is inflight work across iterations. With the click of a button, teams will be able to transform their AgilePlace boards into a dedicated Planning view. This view will automatically place cards in their assigned iteration/increment. Teams will now have the freedom to design their boards to best match their desired planning and delivery workflows without needing to manually add and upkeep PI and Sprint lanes on their board. 

Potential Workflow

  • Admin or Team Organizer creates a Planning Series (planning and delivery cadence) for their team or wider department.
  • Board Admins design their boards to represent the ideal planning and delivery workflow for their team. Recommendation now is to create a single lane to represent current PI or sprint rather than having a dedicated lane for every PI and sprint.
  • Teams assign work/cards to different planning increments/iterations either from the Agile Planning view or the normal board view.
  • During planning events (PI planning, sprint planning, etc.), Teams switch to the Agile Planning view for their board to effectively plan work across teams.


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GenAI Capabilities

Use Case #1: What should I work on next for Not Started lanes

Use Case #2: Create a standup report for work in Started lanes

Use Case #3: Create release notes for work in Finished lanes

Use Case #4: Create a summary of recent changes/activity on my board

New Filter Panel (Released)

The board filter panel will be upgraded to use the new Planview Design System filter component and will move from the right to left side of the board. The filter panel is changing to be more consistent with the Planview platform.


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Next (Est. 2-3 Months Away)

AI Copilot



Details to be added as work progresses.